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Are you a new blogger?
Have some experience?
Or seasoned?
Would you like MORE action on your blog?
Engage MORE with other bloggers?

Dear Blogger,

We totally get it!  Here at PAC (Power Affiliate Club) we understand what bloggers go through. From creating a blog, writing content, to maintaining it, and drooling over traffic for it. Yes?

Power Affiliate Club is a blogging community. We specialize in generating traffic for our members, building relationships, blog engagement, and opportunities to improve blogging skills.

BUT, don't let the name of our community fool you! "Affiliate" means being part of something, a group, a mission, a movement. So PAC is NOT about "Affiliate Marketing"

PAC is a platform for new bloggers to enhance their writing skills, learn the right way to develop a blog and create content for it. It's a starting point to really learn how to "work" the Internet with blogging - including monetizing it. Newbie or a seasoned blogger, PAC is a "Springboard" for your blogging success online and much more. 

A Community Of Boggers With Mixed Levels Of Blogging Skills,
From New To Seasoned, Can Help You Become A Better, 
Professional Blogger Just By Hanging Out With Us!

We know the pains, the headaches, the effort, and the time that goes into blogging. And we love the help our members give each other to relieve the anxiety blogging can bring while building confidence and sharing solutions! 

Here's  what our Facebook Community offers:

  • The  PAC Weekly Blog Share where members on a weekly basis visit member blogs generating organic traffic and commenting on posts (this activity will instantly increase your blog ranking!)
  • Mini Workshops to expand your blogging skills such as how to create a Lead Magnet (do you have one?).
  • Instant friends!
  • Instant traffic!
  • Opportunity to make money as a PAC Expert Author

Here's what one of our member's said ...

"Being a part of the PAC community has been a great experience. Working with the other members giving and getting support under the guidance of members resulted in my blogs Alexa rating International and USA decreasing. I received genuine consideration of my blog posts as evidence by the detailed comments I have received. I was invited to collaborate on a wonderful joint venture with other amazing women by a member of the PAC community. Such an honor. Visiting each blog I learned so much about the authors, different niches and at times it was like traveling around the world. To those just joining us you are in the right place! " Lydia

 So, What About Those "PAC Bucks"?

PAC believes in giving back to its Expert Authors. We have a program called the "PAC Authors Pay Pool". The more authors we have participating, the more money PAC Authors receive - free money! Hmm ... interesting .... wouldn't you like to be rewarded for your writing contributions?

"As a PAC Community member, I have found a safe place to belong and to network with other bloggers and authors. I’m pretty much a hermit offline, so knowing that I have a supportive group of friends to check in with, share ideas with, and learn from has been a godsend to me.

As a PAC Expert Author, I love that I get to write articles on topics I love, and hang out with a very cool group of bloggers. Lesly takes great care of her authors too, and is always promoting and encouraging us. I’ve been blogging since 2004, and can honestly say that the posts I write for PAC each month are the posts I have the most fun writing. "
Ruth Bowers, Creative Soulpreneur at RuthBowers.com

Finally creative bloggers get what they deserve. Millions of people are now trying blogging online. We have a blogging community but we need dollars in our bank account. The solution to our problem, PATREON. PAC offers help and solutions for bloggers of all levels. We welcome you to learn along side of experienced Expert authors.As the welcome coordinator for PAC for the past 3 years, I have learned so much about blogging with such wonderful members in PAC. I am now a confident writer and I love this group of creative people who have become my good friends. Join us today!" Kathryn Maclean

Here's What You Need To Do Now

  1. First, you must have a personal blog, or want to create one
  2. You do NOT need to have a product to promote to join us
  3. WARNING: We absolutely HATE spammers, link dropping in our community
  4. Find your blogging level below and get your FREE tip

Get your FREE Blogging Tip as a Thank you for joining

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  • Make sure you check your email for your blogging tip AND special instructions will tell you what to do next
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PAC Community Benefits

  • Socialize with other bloggers
  • New meaningful friendships
  • Blog Promotiom
  • Rewards and recognition
  • Increased Alexa Ranking
  • Blog Engagement
  • Improved writing skills 
  • Guest posting
  • Opportunities to increase your online visibility
  • Make money as a PAC Expert Author

So, c'mon! We're waiting to welcome you!

Enhance your blogging journey with us - PAC! We're here to promote, support, and celebrate your online blogging success. We look forward to meeting you!

Lesly Federici

CEO, Power Affiliate Club

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