Keywords For SEO


Keywords For SEO

How do you know the value of a Keyword?

Everything begins with the search engine. You need something, you go online, and you type the words in the search box. These exact words are the keywords that everyone who is looking for the same ting as you, will type in the search box.

Keywords are the most powerful and valuable tool that you can have in your tool box for your blog. Taking the time to create a list of all the primary and secondary keywords will be an activity with the highest return in your blogging journey.

The choice of your keywords can make or break your website. They will help the search
engines to rank you in the proper category and put you in front of your perfect prospect.

You are communicating with the search engines through all the keywords that you are using in your content, and that is how you can control and predict your end results.

5 Important questions to ask yourself when choosing your keywords:

1. How much is a keyword worth to your website?
2. Is the Keyword relevant to the content on your site?
3. Will the readers be satisfied when they find your content?
4. Are you speaking directly to your perfect client using their language?
5. Will this traffic bring you the results and financial rewards to get you closer to your goals?

Single Keywords or Long Tail Keywords?

Using single keywords will give you a very broad result.
For example using just “Purse” will attract all the people who are just browsing for a purse and most likely not ready to buy.

On the other hand, if you are using long tail keywords And you are targeting “Big Black Guess Purse” you will pull the people who decided that they want this particular purse, and most likely they are ready to buy.

Choose Your Keywords Wisely!

And here’s why?
Some keywords will get fewer clicks while some will get a few thousands of clicks a day.
Both keywords can cover the same topic and mean the same thing, but the more common term people use more often will naturally get more searches. So every keyword gets incredibly different results and offers an entirely different return for your dollar.

Example: ‘Birthday Cake’ may out-perform ‘Birthday Cakes.’

Keyword Research Tools

How will you know the difference between the two? The way you learn is by doing a keyword research. And you can start with the free keyword research tool: Google Planner.


To use the tool you must have a Gmail account and need to log in. Ignore the message on the top; you don’t need to add a credit card to be able to use the keyword tool. Only if you are driving traffic with PPC, then you’ll need it.

Keywords For SEO

How To Find The Right Keywords To Use.

Think about the benefits and what your product or service can do for your clients. Then put yourself in their position. What would you type in the search box?
Take notes on those words. Most likely people who are seeking to get the benefits that you are providing with your product or service will be using the same keywords.

Here is a comprehensive training on  Keyword Research For Free Leads from Google

Another way to find your keywords is the “Google Soup method.”

Keywords For SEO

Type the keyword in the Google search box and Google will suggest relevant keywords, that you can incorporate in your content.

Scroll down, all the way to the bottom of the page and you will find even more suggestions from Google.

Keywords For SEO

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