Learn The PAC Way

The PAC Way

Starting and maintaining a blog is challenging enough. But learning how to connect with people online can be down right frustrating.

I certainly know this from experience. So let me share some thoughts on this and maybe, just maybe it will help you in a positive way to learn the “PAC Way”.

PAC has come a long way from when we started and we’ve developed a culture of respect for our members and a way to support and promote our members in the best ways possible. Yet it’s you, the PAC member that brings what we do to life through your participation in the community. And, if you are a PAC Expert Author – well, you have contributed greatly to making our community blog successful.

But for the new PAC member just starting out, PAC can be confusing. And, sometimes there’s an incredible, irresistible  “itch” to publish posts with self-promoting links to websites and opportunities. I don’t blame them – they want to get their message out – believe me, there’s a much better way.

Well, they don’t know any better and it’s up to us, the PAC community to lovingly and respectfully teach these members that this is not the way to get people to notice you in the upcoming year 2016.

It’s a major turn-off …

Heck, why not do it… hundreds of people are doing it, right? This must be the way to get noticed. Wrong.

Take this Facebook post for example – I just grabbed it from one of those groups that offer nothing but empty posts:

If You’re Interested In Making $500 – $1000 Less Then 24 Hrs Inbox Me ASAP .. Legit Money [Bank Account Required] Guaranteed 100% You Will Get Paid.. If You Serious & Tired Of Being Broke Inbox Me ASAP ‘ No Scams, No MCA, No Money Pak, No Western union Everything Legit.. Its Really Easy I’ve Done It Plenty Of Times … Inbox Inbox Inbox!!!!!

There’s nothing of value in this post, so why would I contact this person? Do I know them? No. Do I care about this post or what it says? No.

During 2015 and a year or so earlier, the internet changed how it operated. Google played a major part in changing its algorithms to be anti-“linking” on websites to responding more in a “Human” manner.


What is being human? What is it to be human and in a relationship with another human in reality? Do you walk around and meet people with your website painted on your forehead? NO. You start a conversation and hopefully it’s one where there’s a decent exchange of questions, answers, and engagement taking place.

On the internet we type “hello… I am .. and I have … and check this out … and contact me … and … please read my blog … I make ….”

Unfortunately, this is the fastest way for people to RUN from you, not engage with you, and yes, it takes longer . But, the results are far better and lasting than just generating empty, mindless posts.

Because the golden rule is this … it’s not about you on the internet. It’s about who you’re talking to – your potential client, prospect, customer …

When you join PAC we embrace you and there’s a learning curve. Most members don’t read the Group Guidelines which outline our community expectations. These people find out the hard way. They start to self-promote in the community and find themselves having their posts deleted. Wha???

We love and appreciate our members. We treat everyone with respect, we do not “spam” them – this is the PAC Way. We practice, what I consider to be the “LAW” of internet engagement:

to build online relationships they must know, like, and trust you first BEFORE you can get them to do anything in your favor …

This is the PAC Way …

We offer value to our membership through promoting members, supporting them, helping  with blogging, and celebrating them. Through all of this we teach the community a way to behave on the internet that is respectful, friendly, and engaging.

Let’s rewrite the above “empty” post…

Dear friend, I have a tip you may be interested in, especially  relating to earning extra income online.  I’d like to give it to you because it helped me so much and I stumbled on this by accident. Tips are great and you never know what’s going to work. I’m happy to share.. PM me and I’ll send it to you – no cost either.

So here’s the PAC Way:

  • No spamming
  • Following the “Law” of Know, Like, Trust
  • Engaging with people PAC member or not
  • Always respectful
  • Always asking permission to add a member to the PAC community or any Facebook or other group
  • Positive and polite
  • Following the PAC Group Guidelines
  • Attraction Marketing (NO CHASING, NO “begging” for comments on your blog)

PAC is going into it’s 4th year and we have a goal to be,  not only the best Facebook Blogging Community, but the “Huffington Post” of fantastic bloggers – which will enhance naturally – for people to notice you in a more positive way.

Are you with us? Do you agree?

Would love to know your thoughts .. so comment below. Thanks …

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