Leave A Legacy For The Next Generation

Leave A Legacy For The Next GenerationMaybe the topic on this post is inspired or even influenced by the recent deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain.

Correction, the suicides, not just the normal deaths of these two celebrities. And let’s not forget Robin Williams also committed suicide. It’s hard to believe it’s already been four years since he hung himself in August of 2014.

As I’ve mentioned before in another post on my own blog  Just One More Minute – It Will Be Worth It    We should all try to watch for the signs. Sometimes there won’t be any obvious signs.

But if each of them had waited “Just One More Minute,” they may have decided not to take their own lives.

Okay, I didn’t intend for this post to bring anyone down or filled with sadness but it kind of ties into what I have been thinking about.

I wonder, did they leave anything written to their loved ones about what they were thinking or feeling or why they chose the option they did?

As the “Baby Boomer” generation is now reaching retirement age, we find that our priorities and thoughts are somewhat different than they used to be.

If you are working online and building a business and its producing income, have you thought about what you need to do in order for your children to be able to continue your business after you are gone?

Say for example if you have written and self-published books and they are listed on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or other online bookstores, would your family know what to do? 

Books for sale online in such places such as your blog and/or Amazon are considered “evergreen.” This means they will be there forever and could possibly produce some sort of income even after you’re gone. 

I don’t know about you but I’d like for my family to have the money and rights to what I’ve worked so hard to build up. 

Let’s say you are a family history researcher and you are diligently looking for your lost great grandparents and with that, you have every intention of traveling further back in time to find more ancestors.


Wouldn’t you love to come across a diary or a journal that one of your ancestors wrote about their life on a daily basis? 

This brings me to my point of all of the above.  Do you keep any kind of a diary or a journal about your life on a day to day basis or even week to week? 

Don’t you just suppose that someone in your family of a future generation would love to find a handwritten journal?  You know, the kind you are wishing for right now. 

Think about writing and leaving a part of you for the future.  There will more than likely be at least one person in the future that would love to read in your own words how you felt during your lifetime.  What you suffered and endured but also what joy and happiness you had when you got married; had your first child; held your first grandchild, etc.  

I work on my family history from time to time and I also try to write about my daily life, preferably daily but not always. Think about it: Leave A Legacy For The Next Generation. 

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