Let PAC Work For You

Let PAC work for you because what we have here is an “exposure” machine!

Let’s take a look at how PAC (Power Affiliate Club) can work for you:

1. PAC Expert Authors

As a PAC Expert Author you write about your niche, your share your knowledge with our readers. PAC promotes your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms to give you additional exposure. You become an “Authority” in your field. You educate others and help them with their online experience. PAC elevates you more as a professional blogger.

2. Blog Commenting

Part of the PAC System is to network with other bloggers, comment on their blog posts, and syndicate their content. This very action increases “ENGAGEMENT” on their blogs which increases search engine ranking. We use the “Blog Rotator” System.

3. Boost Your Blog

Need some action on your blog? Participate in the “BONUS POINTS” contest and get even MORE comments on your blog! This is great when you’re just starting your blog, or have hit a dry spell and you need some activity on your website. PAC Members can help you.

4. PAC Insights Radio Interviews

What better way to give you more exposure on the internet than to interview you!! You can enter PAC contests to win an interview, or simply ask for one, especially if you’re a PAC member!

5. PAC Contests

PAC Contents aim to increase your visibility on the Internet!  We celebrate and highlight the efforts of our members who help to build our community and the PAC Blog.

6. Member Recognition

PAC values its members. Membership is the “juice” that keeps PAC thriving. Through monthly “Author’s Night” where people can meet our authors, Highlighting and Spotlighting our members on the PAC blog, and randomly appreciating a PAC member weekly are ways to say thank you, give back to our members, and to increase there exposure on the internet by promoting their opportunities.

7. The PAC Affiliate Shop

PAC Members can list there opportunities or Affiliate Programs in out Power Affiliate Shop. We encourage members to shop from members. This helps our members earn commissions and is a win/win for our community. Basic PAC membership can list two (2) Affiliate Programs for free. PAC Memberships can submit up to 20 Affiliate links

 8. The PAC Community

PAC has a great community of members who share information and knowledge about blogging and other interests. There are daily activities members can participate in, making it a vibrant, inspirational, and motivating community. PAC – Blogging Challenge and Affiliate Community is free to join.

9. Member Advertising

PAC is rolling out an opportunity for members to promote their business opportunity through “PAC Member Ads”.  This member benefit is not available to “Free Basic PAC Memberships” . However, contests are held frequently to win an advertising spot for one month. As of now (April 19. 2016) The PAC website is generating 1,000 – 2,000 visitors a month, with an Alexa Ranking of 250,00 and rising.

10. “Daily Blog Share” and “PAC Blogging Success”

There’s nothing like a “Team” of many coming together to comment and share your blog content. PAC has two open Facebook groups, the “Daily Blog Share “ and the “PAC Blogging Success”  to increase your blog exposure and connect with Facebook members other than the PAC community to expand connections and develop more relationships.  We love bloggers and blogging and want to help YOU get your message and passion out there on the internet!

So, what are you waiting for? Become a PAC Member today …

Lesly Federici



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