Love Your Fan page Challenge

Do You Love Your Fan Page or Business Page?

Well I do not! I used to!…. How come?

How many active users on Facebook?
As of today’s date: Feb 1st 2016
651,835,100 million active users on Facebook. Taken from

Fanpage Stats


I have been up and down with Facebook stats. Now very much down…
Is your organic reach declining?

Even though there has been a decline in organic reach, your page can still help you be

discovered, build relationships with your audience, and have a free online presence

that’s automatically optimized across web, mobile phones & tablets.


Why is this happening?

If there are so many millions of business pages competing for newsfeed space facebook

uses their algorithm to avoid over crowding of content.

Facebook wants to make money. You must pay for Ads to increase your reach the via

the Power Editor for targeted traffic

-Search on Facebook. NEW – you can now create Instagram ads on Facebook – visit Instagram help.

Do you know how Facebook calculates what you see in your newsfeed?

Facebook engineer Lars Backstrom says there are as many as 100,000 individual weights

that influence content in the newsfeed.

A few are public knowledge

  • The type of post such as photo or text or video that receive the most interaction
  • You can see this in your insights
  • Posts that are hidden or reported as spam by users
  • Interaction with Facebook ads
  • The internet speed and device used


And then there is Edge Rank

How much interaction with your page – AFFINITY
Top priority Videos and Photos – WEIGHT
How long the post has been around – DECAY

Did you know that your behavior affects the Visibility of your posts?
– your interactions with the post author, the post type
– reactions from those who all ready saw the post
– users engage with a post the more likely you are to see that post
– commenting on a post makes it show again in the news feed

Also the amount of complaints or negative feed back, the less likely you are to see that

post again.

To grow your facebook reach organically

Post at Non-Peak Times
Jon Loomer tested peak hour posts and non-peak hour posts.
Peak being 6:00 am to 3:00 pm

Non peak wins – 10 pm – 3 am

See the Inforgraphic by Quicksprout that has all the information mentioned in this post.

Join the “Love Your Facebook Fan-Page Challenge”.

Feb 8 to Feb 12th


Join the Challenge

Get people coming to your page, liking and commenting on your

own content. You do the same. This will really make your insights on your business

fanpages show a lot of engagement. The difference is really amazing.

Monday to Friday PAC Power Affiliate Club is running the

“Love Your Facebook PAC Facebook Challenge”

… It’s no cost to join, anyone can participate as a free member.
Fill in the form on our Blog and Fanpage submission link to be approved

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