What is Marketing and how to market yourself without coming across spammy?

Marketing is the process of showing your potential customers why they should choose your product or service over your competitor’s product or service.

The key strategy for a successful marketing is finding the right marketing method for you and defining your marketing message to use to educate your target market.

To begin with, there are two core things when it comes to marketing.

It’s important to get comfortable with your marketing method and be sold in your product 100% because when you are, you have certainty.

Your level of certainty will determine your success.

It’s simple, you either have certainty or you are needy.

When you are needy, no one wants to do business with you.

When you step back and you stand 100% behind your product or service people can sense that and they want what you have.


Let’s break it down into three main points.

1. Marketing method – places that you can expose your product or service by creating content.





PAC Shop




2. Sold on your own product or service.

Whatever you are selling you must be a product of the product.

When I first heard that, I didn’t truly get the concept behind it, till I start using the products I was selling and only then I realized what that really means and why is so crucial.

People start asking me.

How are you doing it? What’s your secret? I want what you have…

So I didn’t have to sell them, they were sold before I even open my mouth to say something.


3. Market to message match.

Use the language that your target market is using on a daily basis.

What are the words that they use in the questions they have?

As a cake decorating instructor I am in oh… let say few cake-decorating facebook groups. In these groups, people are asking questions about their cake related problems all the time.

All I have to do is take their questions and turn them into content on my blog, via video or a post on Social Media, using the same words they did. Every niche has their own language, use the language that your niche is using.


How do you use marketing in your business?

Starting with the free available tools that we have today.

Create all the social media channels with your domain name.

Here is something that may get on your way if you don’t employ it. You may think that oh, I am not doing videos, so I am not going to open a YouTube channel!

Well, down the road you may find that someone else has a YouTube channel with your name.

How will that affect your business?

Let say you are advertising your domain name or people are searching for you. Your competitor with the same domain name will get in front of your traffic and with that, they will take a good amount of your customers.

Stand above your competitors.

If you are promoting as an affiliate, chances are you have a lot of competitors. How do you stand up and differentiate from the crowd?

There are tools that you can create something called wrapper and make sure that there is no waste of leads. We all know there is the Click Funnels it may be a bit pricey and not everyone can afford it but is really good. Here is a sneak pick of my favorite tool so far click here

With that, you’ll be able to build a list and that is the best marketing strategy that everyone is using. And I really mean everyone, look around you and you’ll see big stores like Wallmart, dentists, plumbers, flower shops…Why not you?


Why do you need Marketing?

Marketing your business means that you are expanding your business. And if you are not doing it, that means you are not growing your business and we all know what that means…

Now Go Crash it!

 Till Next Time,

Take Care & Stay Cool!


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