Marriage and Blogging Go Together

Four things you need to know right now.

Marriage is very similar to the blogging world.  When done correctly, you can see a happy, glowing couple and a beautiful website. But if done the wrong way, you get nasty arguments and cheap tactics that ruin reputations. As you continue to build your blogging business, you need to keep these ideas in mind.


1. Websites & Pictures: The Perfect Pair

We all love sharing pictures of our life, recent vacations, the kids, grandchildren, and relatives.  I feel as writers we all do this to some extent. Everything that we build reflects something of yourself, including the relationships that we are involved in our life. The colors that we choose; the scripting that is in place, and how we sell – so make it you. You need to make your website stand out for all the right reasons.

  • Bright Smiles = Good SEO
    • This is important; we all know that we have to write quality materials with the right keywords so the Google gods will shine brightly on our work and others will be able to find us.  Just as a bright smile can make your day better and cheer you up; good SEO will help you and your clients as well.
  • Great looking hair = Quality Landing Pages
    • Let’s face it; we all have bad hair days. It’s not always pretty to look into the mirror and try to deal with grey hairs, strays, and frizz.  Quality landing pages require as much work as the perfect hairdo does. It takes times, sometimes daily, to maintain something that your customer enjoys and is working perfectly.  Will they like the colors, respond well to them, will they give up their email address and trust you with their information?  All of these questions have to be addressed…and it’s simply based upon a quick look.  Less than 3 seconds for you to look at a mirror and less than 3 seconds for them to decide if they like your webpage.
  • Looking at the Camera = Pictures, Graphics, Art, Gifs, Icons. Legal & Sharable
    • If you have children or puppies, you’ll know getting them all sitting and looking in the right direction is virtually impossible. It takes forever to get that right shot. Designing the right graphics for your website is just as difficult.  Sometimes it requires hiring a professional to design what you need or spend hours finagling photoshop to get the right effect yourself.  Or maybe, you’ve hacked the expertise level on Canva (like me!) and enjoy the process of designing the perfect post for Instagram and Twitter.  Either way, it takes time and focus.

2. A First Date is NOT a Marriage Proposal: Selling Requires Time


As you begin in your business, getting the “quick sale” is a very loyal goal. The reward of the money often outweighs the forethought of acquiring sustainable and returning customers.  In life, every time a new customer comes to your website, it is just like a first date.  You may feel the itch to fast forward to the proposal and marriage, but that just scares people away.

Having a quality business plan that is low on the click bait and high on the quality will slowly attract the right customers to your blog and website.  So be patient; just as the right relationship is gradually built over months of chatting and spending time together, the right site will take time as well to do what you want it to do.

3. Hugs, Giggles, Kisses: Memorable Actions Create Lasting Customers

Spending time with my husband is indeed a cherished hour. We share inside jokes, laugh and tease, chat about ordinary events, share our favorite desserts, and have “looks” that say the true words (when the kids are around, and we can’t say what we’re thinking). Intimate times are there to enjoy the love that we have.

These times that a husband and a wife enjoy relate very closely to how you interact with your visitors on your blog.  So, you may not be physically intimate with them (i.e., sexual intimacy, because THAT would be unprofessional), but you can create lasting friendships and meaningful encounters.

I’m reminded of the many times I have watched Donna Merrill’s live videos on her facebook page. Whenever someone she knows pops in, she stops what she is saying, and gives a special greeting.  It is easy to tell which people she knows on different levels. But she isn’t snobbish and ignoring the newbies; she still takes the time to get to know people.  She cares for each of those people individually as she shares her wisdom around her key mantra – Know, Like, & Trust.  I have come to admire her love of her grandchildren, shopping, the beach (she lives less than a mile away, and I’m so jealous!) and blogging.  The way she pours her heart and passion into every email, it is plain to see she is making those memorable actions and in turn has lasting customers.

Lesly Federici, on the PAC Facebook group, reaches out every Friday to the members, and even occasionally pops in on Facebook chat to check up on people.  This care and consideration are priceless. The more you feel that someone cares for you, the better the relationship builds.

4. Being Alone is Painful. Relationships Require People

Lastly, remember that you never have to go it alone. Joining a community like PAC is an excellent way to build network and friendships to help each other out.  The best couples, in a marriage, make it work because one’s strengths help the other’s weaknesses and vice versa.  So if you are struggling with a specific topic, reach out.

 Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. I do that every day. Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength. It shows you have the courage to admit when you don’t know something, and to learn something new. Barack Obama

The members of the PAC community are fantastic to chip in some advice when questions are asked. Monna Ellithorpe has been such a great encouragement to me; I feel like she is a quiet cheerleader/nudger/don’t give up kind of person.  JoAnn Lowery KNOWS New York City better than most residents, and she enjoys a great game of Hockey too. So if you ever need to know how to get around the big city, just message her!

No matter where you are in life or a relationship, you can make your business and relationship stronger and better.  So start today.

Always Be

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