Motivation to keep going



Sometimes.. We All need a push don’t we?

When you’re working online it can be lonely. it can be a depressing time and sometimes you just want to throw in the “towel”.

Most people do exactly that.. They quit.

Have you ever quit on anything?

Perhaps, The reason we quit is because no one has ever pushed us out of our comfort zone.

We become..well…Lazy.. we let life take over sometimes and we then wonder ‘Why are things not changing’? Right?

Most people do not understand for things to change..WE need to change..Not many people understand this and so..

The cycle continues..

Why is it that people hate their jobs but won’t quit ?

Why are people are unhappy in a relationship yet never make a break ?

When then do those people complain about life never getting better when they are not doing anything to help themselves?

This is perhaps one of the hardest things for the mind to accept, See, As I see it we have always been told what to do, How to do it, When to do it and for how long..we have been programmed to a way of thinking so have our ancestors and their ancestors.

When we stop outside of that.. things change.. Some family members will not trust you..In fact some might even disown you because they can’t understand what you are trying to do… You are changing YOU and others around you.. You are transforming into a brand new person and to be honest if other’s do not think that way then they will not be able to ‘process’ this.. Make sense ?

Have you ever been told:

  • You will NEVER make it?
  • You can’t do THAT !!
  • You will FAIL
  • You have a family to support, Get a REAL job!

I’m willing to bet you have… I know I have and let me tell you it HURTS doesn’t it?

When people don’t believe you… It’s like a little bit inside of your starts to break…

This is what separates YOU from other people.

Other people quit..


Watch this and understand the message:

Did you hear the people his friends right at the beginning laughing at Brock?

Even they did not think he could complete the task…What do you think started to happen when he started to do HIS BEST..

They started standing up.. Cheering him on… Helping him.

They changed from mocking to supporting.. This WILL happen in your business…

The only thing you have to do is to KEEP ON GOING…

Never Quit! Do you hear me ?

Never Ever Quit!

All you have to do is outlast everyone else!

People drop.. People self sabotage… Your not going to do that are you ?

I am proud of you! I know you can do this.



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