Are You Neglecting Your Social Circle Of Influence?

My very first observation on your social circle of influence is … are you even aware of what yours looks like?

Any business online and offline has a circle of influence which at it’s largest could be as big as the whole population, but generally is less!

However, I have to say the latest Alexa ranking for the PAC Blog on 25 November 2015 was 251, 701 …  Awesome!!

Marketing is the way to increase your circle of influence, and we are blessed that we have Social Media on our side today. However, unless you actively take steps to reach out to your audience by catching their eye with ‘finger clicking’ content… then your circle of influence and business will stay in just the same place as it is now.

And Branding is the way to motivate your circle of influence. So you must be purposely increasing your Social Circle of Influence to maximise your Brand Influence and generate an Online Buzz around YOU!

What is your Social Circle of Influence?

By definition… You can only influence those you have reached in your social circles!

So, rather than waiting around to see organic growth, (because life is short!) You must be purposely extending your brand and influence as far as you can, with the help of a strategy and a community, by socially sharing engaging information to attract fans and customers.

Your influence is based on…

  • the numbers that measure your social circles
  • the resonance of your message
  • how you inspire individuals with confidence
  • your ability to develop authority, credibility, expertise, trust and engagement

Like mentioned before, in the context of your Social Circle of Influence

Influence = The Inspiration and Motivation of an Action = Finger Clicking

” The Currency of Social Media is the Share, and Social Sharing has become the modern day version of ‘word of mouth’ marketing “

Great Social Media Sharing is a Skill which you can develop with a strategy and practice

“Develop Your Rhythm”

Of course this is done with consistent and valuable social media interaction and it is so important to form a routine, even starting small, because as that becomes a habit you can scale up… so much better than creating a massive daily plan and failing miserably with overwhelm…

Your audience like to see consistency, and recognise you in your content. This is how they will get to Know you (part 1 of The KLT Formula)

How To Grow Your Social Circle of Influence

In the main, each social network is unique, with it’s own best practices, style and audiences. You may have chosen 1 or 2 or 3 when starting out marketing your Brand Online.

My line of thinking is… that for Engagement  (actively networking to help and friend customers) you will probably be more successful using 1 or 2 platforms, and the 1st one should be the one where you have a Group / Community / Fan-page and you gather your audience there. Many people use Facebook or G+ for this.

BUT… Think On This

” There are many people floating around other Social Platforms, either trying to make it in Business, or just being people with Wants, and Needs and Wallets! “

You want to attract people to your business, so…

Get Yourself a presence in these Social places because

  • You are offering Value to Attract people
  • People will be hanging out on the platforms they like
  • People will be looking to satisfy their wants and needs
  • Everyone is a potential Customer
  • No-one will find you if you are not there
  • Your Competitors will be ‘Catching The Worm
  • Your Current Customers will recognise Your Brand (one more view before the 7 they need to purchase!)

You have to BE THERE with a Brand presence for people to recognise you.

You want to be all over Social Media, so your Brand becomes familiar, and you Customers and Followers can’t forget you, wherever they are Socially Interacting.

You can start this process with just 1 post a day!

I would suggest Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and if you record any videos, include YouTube.

My Free Report   “The 7 Simple Steps To EXPLODE Your Social Circle of Influence”  is available to Download and it will offer you a complete strategy to follow, including resources.

Explode OUT ~ Attract IN

This is my way of thinking of Social Media Marketing, and this is where I will be focusing my blog posts for you here on PAC.

But back to my questions

  1. Are You Neglecting Your Social Circle Of Influence?
  2. Are you even aware of what yours looks like?

These are for you to ponder.

Any posting that you do can be shared more widely to increase your Social Circle. But what to post to attract those customers?? … To Follow!

Here are“7 Effective Ways to get more Traffic with Social Media” from PAC Author Emi Koul

So Think BIG!

🙂   Wishing you Social Success


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