Networking Know How – The List

If you didn’t get a chance to read NETWORKING KNOW HOW – FIRST STEPS please go take a look now before continuing. It gives you insight on what to do next!

Networking know How is all about becoming a genuine ‘people person’. It’s also the new way of Networking that is proving useful because it takes away some of the fears that people have about entering the industry.

Fears such as …

  • Cold calling
  • Rejection
  • Warm calling
  • Rejection
  • Not having a big enough list
  • Having friends and family avoid us
  • Rejection and so on ……….

If I can show you how to get excited about contacting people and looking forward to interacting with those that you’d really love to work with, would it make a difference to how you approach your Networking business, or if you haven’t even begun would you consider at least looking at the industry with a different mindset?

Just this week alone on the news in Australia

  • Massive job losses from major retailing sectors
  • Childcare costs about to double
  • Pension age increasing to 75 with a possible means test for pension eligibility
  • University graduates taking on low paying labour jobs as they are too expensive or not enough demand for their qualifications
  • No tax relief. It’s harder than ever to get a mortgage as insurance companies are refusing to insure loans even to established home owners! And if they do, they slug the purchasers with such high premiums that it makes repayments overall out of reach for average families

How are you and your family affected by the governments and economy where you live? Is your future uncertain?

It is printed over and over how HUGE the Network Marketing industry has grown over the past 20 or more years. Declarations of Millionaires created within the industry, testimonials from successful people, people who have used products that have changed their lives, their health, their financial situations.

Success Leaves Clues! Yes, you’ve read that before I’m sure but it’s true. It really does.

So, what do we do now that we have researched, gathered a dozen or so names with some personal information in a notebook or on a file in the computer? Are you ready? This. Is. Gold.

Step Three:

This is a true test to see if the person you have on your list is indeed a person that you would jump through hoops to help – yes – HELP! Networkers are only successful if they help others succeed. Your own needs MUST be put on the back burner while you put 100% focus on helping someone else find their own success first.

Starting with the first person on your list, along with your research notes, call your sponsor and:

  • Tell them about x
  • Tell them why you want x on your team
  • Tell them what would get x fired up

If you can’t tell your sponsor all of these things, then you haven’t got to know the person on your list sufficiently. Do this with each and every person (remember I said do about a dozen at a time) on your list.

Now, two things have happened.

1.You’ve said out loud what you know about x. You’ve said out loud WHY you want them on your team. You’ve said out loud what would get x fired up.


2.Your sponsor now knows about x and the type of person you want to be a part of the team as a great sponsor will be helping you help x. This is a preset to a three way call!

Now that you have established the people that you really want to help because you have taken the time to get to know them, you have spoken about them and you have a third party who now not only knows you better but now is getting to know your prospective business partners as well, it is time for the next step. Preparing your pique.

Piquing was the hardest for me to master until one day, the penny dropped.

I’d attended a weekend Training Seminar and we had the most successful Australian Leader speaking (he didn’t have that title at the time but boy has he gone places!) and the way that he got me thinking about the people that I really wanted to work with has taken a place so deep within me that it is now second nature, auto pilot, I don’t even need to think about the steps anymore. I just DO IT.

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