Should you join Niume the new social media blogging site?

Niume is a very curious social media start-up aimed primarily at bloggers to help them get noticed.

The question is what value does Niume offer bloggers and are bloggers really the targeted audience?



Niume is another new social site that rewards its members for joining and using the platform. I’m all in favor of social sites that reward and give back to their members. As you probably know I was a big fan of the failed social site Tsu and I’m now an even bigger fan of The8App. Any site that is looking to change how we use social media and help steer users away from the big social sites has to be a good idea because it really is time for a change. The Facebook Habit  and dominance of the major sites needs to be broken.

So helping bloggers, paying members, it’s all very positive but there are some huge red flags on Niume and big challenges to overcome



Niume has a referral system in place. Each member has a unique shortcode link. When a new member signs up to the platform via a shortcode $1 is credited to the sponsor when the new member makes their first post on the site. A post on Niume must contain at least 1 image or a video and must be 4 sentences long. When a member makes their first post a further $1 is credited to them. So $2 is paid out for every new member that joins and makes a post. I don’t see how this is sustainable. It is a really, really bad idea to pay for sign ups and I can see some major gaming of the system ahead as scammers hide behind proxies and make multiple accounts for the $$$$ to trickle down to them



Niume Collaborative Blogging, The community-driven blogging platform. Join the most creative space on the web? Is this a blogging platform? well, you can blog on it true but here is a huge warning. If you are serious about starting a blog this is not the place to do it.

The Scenario

Imagine you are on Niume for a number of months and your happy spending hours creating your articles, the very next day the site runs out of money. What happens to your hard work? The point I am trying to make is you are not in control of your content. You are not even in control of your content on platforms like Blogger or Niume is a very risky site to start to put together a blogging portfolio.

If however, you are doing it for a fast buck then yeah Niume is gonna be great for that. But I do worry about the quality of content. You only have to post an image and 4 lines then for every 1000 views your creation gets you earn $1.00.

Should you spend 5 hours writing 1000 words, sourcing images and creating good work on Niume? NO should you post 10 quick 50 word posts with stolen images in the same time for views? NO …. But what do you think will happen? There are also huge SEO issues with Niume as well. There are no keywords in the post links. No use of #hashtags for posts. You cannot add alt image text to images so they remain unnamed and not found by Google. Meta descriptions are around a thousand words… there isn’t even a robot.txt (it’s a site file that allows search engines to crawl a site) that I can find so they don’t even want what you post found… Very Strange?

So where is the value with Niume?

Well, Niume is really more of a social bookmarking platform. The value for a blogger is content curation. Grab a sentence from your site add it to Niume with an image and then link it into the main post with a Read More Here link. Niume should be seen as a traffic generator for what you do on your own site. You should then get some click throughs to the main offering. Social sharing should also benefit you as well.


So I have probably been a bit hard on Niume. It is in no way a bad site. I just question the sustainability, $2 per new member and then $1 per 1000 views is a lot. Can you blog on Niume? Yes, but why would you, they don’t even allow the site to be indexed currently.

Now they may have their reasons and yes this is a startup so it may all come good in the future but for me, there are just way too many question marks.

Join check it out but use with care. If you are looking for a better alternative to Niume then checkout the Steemit Blogging Social and Quora the questions and answers social has a great blogging section.


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