PAC Community Marketing Goals

In just a short amount of time PAC has created a strong foundation for it’s members and what has come to light is the AWESOME concept of “Community Marketing”.

As my friend Sue Bride said :

“The term Community Marketing takes away all the negativity associated with the words Network Marketing so I love it. It emphasizes the social aspects which are so important … “

Community Marketing is what we do. It provides an “INSTANT” way to connect and collaborate with others on various levels in a safe environment. Members are valuable and finding ways to meet their needs is #1.

When Monna and I had a brief conversation about helping Affiliates buy from each other, we had no idea what we were doing or how is would progress. But one thing I can tell you is this..YOU can create a vibrant, active community as well. Keeping the following in mind will help in creating your own community:

  • People come first, not product or business
  • Lead by example
  • Never abandon the community you build
  • Your Community should have a purpose
  • Create levels of participation
  • Have respect for everyone’s life and circumstance
  • Have no expectations of the community
  • Let members “raise their hands” to participate or initiate an idea
  • Have a mindset of opportunity, not need
  • Create opportunities for personal growth
  • Accept not everyone will participate
  • Try different things to see what works

In our case, I saw that promoting people through the Facebook platform was important and staying entrenched in it for PAC (Power Affiliate Club) . There was also a learning curve beginning to present itself with blogging, marketing, SEO, and a “scatterness” – meaning people were struggling with getting things done.

Before the PAC Blog came a long, I had a group with about 25 people in it. I started a “Focus” Group to help members (and myself) be accountable to each other to get our projects done, whatever they were. Those that participated found it to be quite rewarding. It’s now in its second year and has been folded in to one of PAC’s membership perks.

So I mentioned above “create levels of participation” and here is what we have done. I want to share these ideas with you so YOU can create your own community because everything is INSTANT when you have a community and “market” together – meaning, helping each other attain what they want or need.

One thing I have noticed and this is REALLY close to my heart, is this: Many people on Facebook have a business of some sort, and they are “SCREAMING” their business to the masses. But who’s listening? Who’s responding or engaged – and this is what Community Marketing is all about  – engagement is connecting, listening, responding. A community offers:

Instant relationships, instant friends, likes on your pages, comments, collaboration between members (because they know each other more), instant trust, instant potential customers or clients …


So from all this observation, activities were created to engage our members on different levels – for those that are little to mildly motivated, to those that are wildly motivated members. Something else I noted as well, the levels of action to build a business online vary greatly. While there are those who think just posting their opportunity is the way to go (wrong) others are willing to do the mundane, those boring and time consuming tasks that MOST people won’t do. The Focus Group became even more important to help those who really wanted to energize their businesses or personal projects.

PAC’s Community Activities

  1. Blogging –  those interested can post their blog and participating members will comment, share, like their content (most EVERYONE has a blog. The problem? Lack of TRAFFIC and engagement on blogs – this is an immediate solution to generating more engagement)
  2. Official PAC Blog – we set up a blog so members could post their affiliate links and  encourage members to shop from each other.
  3. Expert Authors – an opportunity for members to create content for the PAC Blog. This provides an opportunity to promote members and to build their credibility online as authors. This also provides an opportunity to promote their business opportunities  and building the know-like-trust factor that needs to be established for all having a business online.
  4. The Focus Group – This activity is not for everyone, but for those who know and have a desire to create more for their businesses, this group helps to get members who participate motivated. It involves accountability, which many don’t like, but it’s value is incredible in generating the “push” to get things done.
  5. The 5% Club – In development now and will be the Focus Group on steroids
  6. Daily group activities –  Community hangouts, You Tube, Events, Focus, Community “Tag”where members can contribute their activities online
  7. PAC Fan Page Member News – this is an opportunity for members to share there expertise on the PAC Fan Page. This increases their visibility and generates more likes and engagement to their own Fan Pages.

As you can see, there are levels of participation and member interest. Members gravitate to that which interests them most. However, not everyone engages for what ever reason. But, the opportunity is always there and sometimes, the interaction in the community may “spark” a member to get involved.

I think the MOST important thing as a “Community Leader” is consistent presence, which is vital for a community to thrive, and caring…

I hope to be doing some webinars about Community Marketing because I believe this is an instant way to grow the know, like, trust factor, as well as promote and increase online exposure for our members.

YOU can do this too …


PS – Would love to hear what you think .. what are your ideas for creating your own community? 

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