PAC’s Infectious Mission: Have You Been Bit?

Power Affiliate Club

When ever there’s a “Mission” it usually stems from an idea. Somebody has a passion for a certain something or a desire to generate a movement.

Never underestimate an idea (to read how the idea for PAC came about two years ago –  read this)

As PAC thrives, it grows slowly. With growth comes a clearer vision for the future. Many people, perhaps you, don’t really understand what PAC is (Power Affiliate Club) which is why I’m sharing what is it, and the vision, with you.

Recently I discovered a man by the name of Vishen Lakhani who is the creator of a very innovative company called Mindvalley. Very inspirational. And to my pleasant surprise PAC in many ways was/is going in the same direction in sharing similar philosophies.

Vishen inspired me to let go of the idea of writing a “Business Plan”. Shocking I know – since it’s recommended all the time  – do a one year, a five year, and so on.  He actually drew a picture picture of his vision, the company he imagined and today makes millions. So, I drew a picture of PAC’s vision. What Vishen had to say about one made a lot of sense to me because ..

It’s the VISION you have that drives you, not the Business Plan…

PAC’s audacious mission is to help as many bloggers as possible to promote, support, and train them through “effort based participation”.

What does this mean? Well, it means providing activities that require participation to reap the benefits – results from online activity which yields: Traffic, engagement, and increased visibility online. Something EVERYONE wants and struggles to get.


PAC can yield these kinds of results quickly because it’s a community. And when there’s a community that shares the same values and it’s mission it’s powerful. When people come together, work together, share, and help each other, amazing things can happen.

Let’s take a closer look at how PAC “teaches by doing” through it’s effort based activities

  1. The PAC Weekly Blog Share. Every week we members share their blog posts in our Facebook group community. We visit, comment, and share blog content.  This generates Immediate traffic to member blogs, and visitor engagement by commenting. How many blogs are ghost towns? No comments? No engagement? This activity helps to resolve this as well as increase search engine rankings for members
  2. PAC Expert Authors. This opportunity allows new and seasoned bloggers to test the “waters” in increasing their visibility online. By providing a blogging platform where people have the desire to write for a blog, it does a couple of things: creates instant “Author Authority” by being a “PAC Expert Author”, and enhances a bloggers writing skills – learning how to write better on a blog.
  3. Community Reach-Out Fridays. This is a basic engagement activity. It gets people used to replying to comments on Facebook. Saying hello, starting a conversation online – a VERY important skill to perfect if you have an online/offline business. You have to communicate! You have to listen and respond to others.
  4. “Open Door” policy. If you’re a VIP PAC Member we encourage members to share  ideas, create a webinar, volunteer for PAC, and so much more.  PAC does not CHASE members. In fact, when a member presents their ideas it means that member is ready to grow their skill set by contributing what they’re interested in doing with and for PAC.
  5. The PAC Shop. Where we promote member products and services. Members create their own marketing visuals and have the opportunity to blog about their products on the PAC Shop blog. We encourage PAC members to shop from each other because the “Know, Like, and Trust” element in building relationships online has been established.
  6. Celebration. We LOVE our members. We promote them through free advertising and recognition for their contributions.
  7. “PAC GIGS” – members offering their services for just $5.00., just another way for members to connect and support each other
  8. Crowd Funding. PAC welcomes those who love PAC and who would like to contribute to PAC’s community blog by helping it to stay alive and healthy online, can be a “PAC Growth Factor”
  9. Volunteer: We’re always looking for volunteers to help us “run” PAC. This can be a fantastic learning experience and one that will enhance your visual presence, credibility, and authority online

PAC Vision

PAC is a wonderful community because of our members. If you join us, you’ll contribute even more to it’s possibilities – there’s no limit to what we can do for others – those that want to build a presence online . If you’re willing to put in consistent effort in the PAC activities, you’ll experience the “magic”!


Do you have the PAC “bug” now? Let us know what you think, if you can “SEE” our vision, comment below and thanks for visiting!

All shared with love,

Lesly Federici


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