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What is PAC?

The following information may answer some questions you have about PAC and what we do as a community. First WHO is PAC for?

New and not so new bloggers

Experienced bloggers who like to help new bloggers

Bloggers who want to be part of a meaningful community

Bloggers who want to be a PAC Expert Author, build their writing/blogging skills, and get paid

Bloggers who want to be promoted online

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From the Blog

Writing for PAC

As a community, we like to give back to our PAC writers who contribute their time and expertise to this blog. Simply, we pay them! We offer bloggers a quick way to start earning money by writing for PAC.

PAC likes to promote its writers as much as possible. We know being a blogger is competitive, so being noticed and building a following can be challenging.  But, getting paid can boost a writer's professional status.

We welcome most topic specialties and blogging newbies! Because  new bloggers will become better writers and hone their writing skills faster. We are a stepping stone for future blogging experiences online.

We also know that many bloggers like to be noticed and accepted as professional writers on other more notable websites like Huffington Post, for example,right?

Well we’re not that, but we ARE an opening, a starting point for bloggers to write for a community such as ours and build their authority.

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