Power Affiliate Club Is Here For The Long Term

As one of the co-founders of PAC (Power Affiliate Club) with Lesly Federici , we’ve had the vision to make PAC a special community.

An active community where each member will benefit in all of the activities that we provide. 

We encourage participation in the activities that will suit you best as “Power Affiliate Club” is here to stay.

 By the way, Christmas is just around the corner, so spread the word and shop from our PAC Site.  Our Shopping Page is open to the public.

 Each member excels in different skills that we freely share with others.  No one person could know how to do everything online but if you belong to a community such as ours, there will be someone who has knowledge of what you need help with.

 Which brings me to the point of this post.  One of our long time valued members, William O’Toole and I were talking about Instagram, http://instagram.com/williamotoole  |  http://instagram.com/monnaellithorpe which I know very little about but William is helping me with learning how to use it to my benefit.

 I was having problems understanding what William was asking me to do on my computer and he suggested I use TeamViewer (non aff.)  I had never heard of it before but it was easy to download and install and he was able to very quickly log in to my computer while I watched what he did and solved my problem.

 I thanked him for the help  and as a member of PAC, we know we will speak again soon.  I deleted the program as I had installed it for one-time use only and never gave it another thought.


Until it came time for my blog post. My webcam on my main computer would not work for my short video, so I hooked up the other computer that had a working webcam, recorded my short video and then realized… “How am I going to get it over to my main computer?”  Grrrrrrr.

  1.  I tried sending it my email; file too big.
  2. I tried setting up Filezilla on the older computer to transfer via FTP; that didn’t work.
  3. Not enough room on my flash drive to use that method.
  4.  No transfer cables in sight.


Now what am I going to do?  I used to use file transfer software years ago but had no idea what the name of it was or even if it still existed.  Then I happened to think again about TeamViewer that William had mentioned, wondering if it would transfer files.  Not only does this program work for help with your computer, you CAN transfer files to another computer, whether it’s yours or an associates computer, if they have the TeamViewer software installed.  The best part; it’s free for personal use.


After reinstalling the program on my main computer and installing on my old computer and connecting, I was able to transfer my video in a matter of seconds and was able to edit the video, finish my post and publish it last night at my planned time.


THIS, my friends is what PAC is all about – sharing knowledge, offering help and solutions to a problem, asking for help when you need it and above all a group of people who are overflowing with encouragement and support for every member.  I doubt you will find that in too many places online, if any; to compare to what we have built. 

Lesly and I see Power Blogging and Affiliate Community (PBAC) and Power Affiliate Club (PAC) being online for the long term and it will continue to be, above all a community site that teaches, trains, supports and helps those who are wanting to learn.

But we do need your help to be able to provide what you need and want.  Lesly has created a “short and quick:

PAC SURVEY: We are asking you, our AWESOME community what you like, what you don’t like, what ideas you have to help us grow.  This is important to the overall success of the Community.

PLEASE answer these 5 easy, peasy questions. Click on this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WCMGJQ5



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