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At PAC -Power Affiliate Club we know that regular blogging is so important for creating visibility, boosting your SEO ranking, and building your blog’s authority.

Do you know why? See our 5 Points of our Primer

Having a community of like-minded people to help and encourage you is a wonderful thing. This is my experience with a blogging community named the  Power Affiliate Club or (PAC)

PAC is a blogging membership program run by Lesly Federici, one smart marketer. A blogger with great communication skills. She knows her stuff when it comes to marketing for bloggers and affiliate marketers. Lesly knows how to make the arduous task of weekly blogging a lot of fun for her PAC members.

Each week on Mondays, Lesly offers a new post link on Facebook for members to post their weekly blog posts so other members can visit and leave comments. We end on Sunday evenings. Since joining PAC my blog has been updated every week. I have fresh content to share on social media plus a back catalog of great posts to share over and over. It has also helped me to grow my list because I am creating content that asks people to sign up for emails. A very important step.

Your blog will be updated weekly but your posts can do double duty if you email them out to your list as well.  Solving two content problems in one.

Here’s what the PAC Weekly Blog Share looks like:

PAC Community Blog Share

If your blog is looking like a ghost town, check this out…

Join PAC here get your blog back in shape before 2018! Fill out the form to join our Facebook PAC Community.  If you are accepted you will be contacted by Facebook messenger, welcomed, and entered into the Facebook feed with the other members.

PAC is going into its 4th year in 2018! On November 1st  we introduced the PAC Authors PAY POOL

  • Get paid for contributing to the PAC Blog on a monthly basis
  • To WIN you need to PARTICIPATE. The more authors that do, the more $ you can earn!!


To be included in the PAY POOL you must contribute a monthly fee > See our Patreon page.

Pay Pool

  1. Must be a CURRENT PAC Expert Author (already writing for PAC) to get the lowest donation fee of  $2.00/month
  2. Write 2 monthly consecutive posts – example,  November & December
  3. Currently, the PayRate is: $25.00
  4. New Author Referrals: receive $10 per  successful sign up of $10 /month

As we gain more authors – more mthly $ Money $!  One random author a month gets paid.

5 Divisions of PAC

1. Join PAC Facebook Community Go here … Join the PAC Facebook Group

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page. You are contacted by messenger. If accepted by the welcome lady, that would be me -through Facebook Messenger. You are then welcomed in the Facebook feed by our members.

 2. PAC Expert Author  

How To Be A PAC Expert Author

One of the exciting opportunities PAC offers is being a PAC Power Affiliate Club  Expert Author. If you have a blog you know very well that writing content is a regular and much-needed activity to attract potential visitors to your blog.


Writing on your own blog is one thing, contributing to writing on another blog will increase your visibility –  If you type the old listing on Google search    www.   poweraffiliateclub . com my post (Kathryn Maclean ) about PAC is listed above the actual PAC listing on Google. It not only increases your exposure but having the title of Expert Author immediately positions you as an authority in your given niche. You are also viewed as a blogging professional.

PAC Expert Author Application

We know you want to be more visible, have MORE engagement, and rank higher in the search engines, right? Of course, you do so join us as a PAC Expert Author. Click the link above to apply.

3. Be a PAC Growth Factor – our Patreon Page

We thank you for your monthly financial support. YOU help keep the PAC Website functioning online and promoting members and Expert Authors on a continual basis. If YOU would like to contribute and be a PAC Growth Factor please go here to contribute. We Appreciate You!

4. PAC Gigs

We have so many talented members of PAC.

PAC Gigs …Members you can contact to help you out.

5. PAC Guest Writer Application Submit form

Fill out the form here

You are encouraged to become a Guest Post contributor.

To conclude: I hope that this has made PAC a little clearer for you. We are growing slowly, but steadily.  Up and UP and UP. We would be happy to have you join any of our programs, Free or as an Expert Author with our Patreon page so that we can grow together, promoting bloggers, and more in 2018.

See you on the Community Blog Share!


the welcome Lady

P.S.  If you enjoyed this post, please comment ( what’s your favorite part of PAC? ) like and share below.



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