The Most Powerful Tool That Can Change all Your Outcomes

The Most Powerful Tool That Can Change all Your Outcomes

The Most Powerful Tool That Can Change all Your Outcomes

Many times we forget two things:

Number 1:
We forget that everything we do involves people. Work, fun, family, customers, clients, prospects you get the point.

Number 2:
We are responsible for every word that comes out of our mouth, how we are going to lay it out and how our words are going to land and affect our listeners.

Last year was a bit challenging for me in few areas of my life. But what those challenges taught me changed me as a person, my vision, the way I see myself and most importantly how I see the world around me.

You will have competition only if you choose to.

We all are different and unique. You are the only person with your fingerprints. All you need to do is dig a little bit and find your voice that will set you above any possible competitor that you may have.

Who you are and what you can bring to the table is unique, learn to treasure that and don’t be afraid to use it.

What is “The One Most Powerful Tool?”

The answer is “You.”

You are the roots of it all. Everything starts with you, and you only.

You dictate how the people around you will treat you.


Something that one of my mentors Vick Strizheus (Founder of “Four percent” said and it stuck with me: “If you want respect you need to respect yourself first.”

I was confident that I know 100% what that means and I was sure that I respected myself -no doubt about it ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, it turns out that I wasn’t quite there 100%.

It’s not just about how you dress, walk and talk, but also how you talk to yourself and how often you break your own rules, your word.

When you don’t align with your words, you start doubting yourself. When there is doubt, you stop trusting yourself. When you don’t trust yourself, you just don’t take action, and everyone around you can sense that about you.

Here is what I mean by breaking your rules.

I am a big ‘Pilates’ fan, it works for me. It gives me the results that I want. It’s not very easy at the beginning, but once you get it going, it gets easier and fun. So I’ve been using it for years on a daily basis. It was part of my day, one of my rules. Even though it’s my rule, nobody is making me do it. I am managing to break it from time to time.

Or I get excited about an online course, and I am pretty sure that I want to finish it and I know is going to be beneficial for me and yet I don’t follow through.

Can anybody relate to this?

It’s not that you said it out loud to the public and they will possibly judge you, no it’s about what you said to yourself, and then you didn’t follow your own rules.

All of this is not necessarily visible to others, but is working against you. At the moment you may think “ah… no big deal, I’ll survive without it.” But it’s a fact that you didn’t do it and you know about it. Also, it will start piling up in the back of your mind.

At the end of the day, we want to raise the bar for ourselves. It is up to you how high you are going to set up the bar for yourself.


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Till Next Time,

Take Care & Stay Cool!


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