Preserve Your Family History With Memory Books

Preserve Your Family History With Memory Books

Family History Research Journal

Family History Research Journal

One thing I’ve noticed by being online, you see more notices and hear more people talk about the loss of a family member or friend.

In the last few days I have learned of the passing of three grandmothers. Some had been fortunate enough to spend time with their grandparent before their passing whether it was taking care of them due to a lingering illness or just visiting them because they wanted to.

One grandmother’s passing was unexpected. Unfortunately, grandparents and even parents will pass and at a certain age it is “expected” and some sadly pass away due to an accident, or at the hands of another, illness, or just naturally.

Unexpected Passing

But when it does happen it is still “unexpected” as you are not ready to let go. I know in my case when my mother passed away “unexpectedly,” she had not been ill. She had been going about her daily activities only complaining of a headache and she was gone in the next few days.

With this, I got to thinking about my grandchildren and I realized that they know nothing of my mother except for pictures I have shown them.

They know who their great-grandmother is by sight, but they know nothing about her personally or what she was like. They will never know how she used to sit and rub my legs when I was a child to relieve the leg cramps or how she would sit on the couch with my daughter (their mother) and play with her hair while she talked to her or sometimes hummed a tune to her until she fell asleep.

Leave a Memory Book

Unless I leave some kind of “Memory Book,” will my grandchildren remember how they used to sit on my lap in the big reclining rocking chair and I would rub the back of their hands and sing until they drifted off to sleep?

A lot of people do genealogy research on their family trees but that only consists of facts and you may find some insight into who your ancestors were but not really “who they were.”

Did they have a favorite color?
List their favorite food?
What did they think or feel during their lifetime raising their children?
Were they sad or happy? What made them happy or sad?
Do you have some of the same traits and characteristics that they did?

“A Memory Book” will let your children and grandchildren know all about you by your own writings, thoughts and memories.

Don’t Lose Those Special Memories

This reminds me of an episode on “Home Improvement.” Jill’s mother was giving away items of hers to her girls. Jill wanted a clock, but her mother gave her a tea set. Jill could not understand why she was getting the tea set instead of the clock.

Finally, they talked and her mother explained to her that they used to have “tea parties” with that tea set when she was a child. Jill did not remember the “tea parties” but the tea set was special to her now because it was a special memory that her mother had of time they had spent together.

I have two grandchildren and I think they will remember the times I spent with them as they were growing up.  I would like for them to remember special times that I can remind them of when they read my “Memories of Me” book.

Scrap-booking is a very popular hobby right now but I am not talking about sitting down and creating a major scrapbook project. I am talking about a “Memory Book” created especially for your grandchild or even your child by you about the everyday little things that we tell about but then are soon forgotten.

How many times will you run across a picture and think about what happened that caused you to take that picture? Unfortunately, maybe you will not even remember the time it was taken or why you even took the picture.

Journals, Record Books, Memory Books

I have created many different types of journals and record books that would be perfect for a Memory Book.  Don’t let your thoughts, memories and wisdom go with you. Leave a special part of you with them created by you in your own words.

Blank Journals
Gratitude Journals
Personal Journals
Religious Journals

Many times, I will think back on something that happened the last time my grandchildren visited and I make a mental note to remember to tell their mother about this when she picks them up. Things happen, and I forget to tell her and that memory is only in my mind when I could have taken a few minutes to write a paragraph in the memory book.

The beginning of a memory book should include the basics of who you are and a little information of your childhood and growing up.

Suggested Types of Memory Books

Memories of Me
Just Me
My Memories
Absolutely Me
Uniquely Me
In My Mind’s Eye
Can You Remember Me?
Will You Remember Me?
The Way I Remember It
Reminisce With Me
Mom, Dad, Grandmother, & Grandfather MEMORY BOOK

Opening or First Page With:

For my (daughter, son, granddaughter, grandson)
Date book started
Favorite saying, quote, etc.

Second Page:

  1. Name.
  2. Date and place of birth.
  3. Parents names
  4. Picture (childhood, favorite, any picture)
  5. Siblings

To include:

  1. Childhood memories
  2. Family roots
  3. Family traditions
  4. Words of wisdom
  5. Photographs
  6. Favorite song(s) and why
  7. Stories
  8. Special messages
  9. Personal items

More Information to Include:

  1. The year you were born, what was happening?
  2. What historic events happened in your lifetime that are history to them?
  3. Include stickers.
  4. Do you paint or draw? Include your own drawings, etc.

Include Notes on a: 

  1. Favorite book.
  2. A favorite song or singer from your time.
  3. Do you have a favorite food or drink or recipe(s)
  4. What is your favorite movie or movie star.
  5. Your favorite saying or poem.
As you progress in the book, add notes of special times you spent with them. A short paragraph of what you did together that day or something cute they said or did will suffice.
In the age of digital cameras, it is very easy to take a picture and just let it sit on your computer or even save it to a disk and say to yourself, “I will get those organized some day.” Don’t do it.
Go ahead and print that picture out, stick it on one of your “Memory Book” pages, date it and write a short paragraph…..(for example:  “Little Max or Maxine” just took his or her first step for me. It is such a shame it was while I was babysitting today (mom was at work).  We clapped and told him or her just how proud we were).
Take some of these ideas I’ve shared and create your own personalized Memory Book. I can create one for you.  There is no charge to personalize a Memory Book but it also depends on how personal you want it to be.
Thank you for sharing with your friends and associates.
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