5 Priciples for Online Marketing Success

If you are involved with online marketing, perhaps you have noticed that there is a lot to learn!

The dynamics of internet marketing are always evolving and it is important to keep current. Each of us has a certain amount of time, energy and money to put towards our online marketing efforts and who doesn’t want to use their resources wisely?
No matter what your business goals or marketing intentions might be, we all want to move towards whatever means success!

Here are 5 Principles for Online Marketing Success

Consider these Principles help keep you moving in a successful direction!

1/ It is OK to Seek Help

  • There are many marketing tools and coaching programs and mentor/apprentice opportunities out there… several are offered right here on our PAC Site and within our PAC Community! Check them out, do your research, ask questions and reach out for an information exchange for any that strikes your fancy. Don’t think that you need to come to the online marketing playing field and know all the plays or work without a team. Also don’t assume that you have been at it longer that most and have nothing to learn. You will find that many within the online marketing circle are very knowledgeable, quite giving and can offer a fresh perspective to your situation.

2/ Don’t Overextend Yourself

  • Simplest way for me to make this point is to say that it is better to do a few things well, than many things poorly. Maybe you can devote 12 hours a day to your online business activities or maybe all you have is 12 hours a week. Whatever your situation is, make your goals realistic. Do step outside your box and challenge yourself, but don’t set yourself up for disappointment. It is a fine line! Stay focused on a few core action steps or activities and do them well before your add on other activities. For example, don’t jump onto eight different social media platforms all at once! Instead, learn one or two very well and gradually add more as your time allows or drop the least effecting and try another.

3/ Be Open Minded and Flexible

  • Two of my favorite (and almost always humbling) phrases are ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ and ‘blessed are the flexible.’ Be open minded to new ideas and concepts. Make it a point to check, adjust and adapt your activities based on your skills and abilities and try to base your decisions on measurable data whenever possible and then repeat the process! The market as a whole and the needs of your customers and audience are always changing. You need to be mindful of that fact and adapt.

4/ Be Giving and Community Minded

  • Mastermind groups, think tanks, accountability partners, social media groups, private video chats… call them what you may, but these are just a few examples of how to interact with like-minded marketing spirits for a mutually beneficial relationship. In most cases, we all can bring a certain perspective to a conversation and both the teacher and the student learn something from the experience and often change roles. My interactions within the online community have been very rewarding and I have found that would be strangers from across the globe have been much more warm and kindhearted than I ever imagined.

5/ Keep Moving Forward

  • Certainly this is not the first time you are reading these words:
    Do Something for Your Business EVERYDAY!
    It is easy to see the logic in simple phrase, but the results are sometimes slow to materialize. Many little actions do add up over time. Literally the seeds you plant with your marketing efforts today will harvest at on undetermined in the future. Set a daily, weekly or monthly schedule if it helps to keep you on track. Keeping a diary of some sorts is a must for me and putting my ideas or action steps on paper makes a thought become a tangible task. I love to cross something off my Weekly Business Activities TO DO list! Experiment and find a system that helps keep you able to reflect on your actions, measure your efforts. Spend some time at least four days a week doing something that moves you towards your goal. And don’t leave out time and activities relating to personal growth!

Don’t neglect the opportunities to celebrate your success and even the little milestones along the way!  It is well deserved and will do wonders for your momentum.

Doing more than just wishing you much success… Helping you along the way!

Dawn Golden


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