Pure Leverage Product Review

There are several “all-in-one” programs on the internet that have everything you need, “tools” to build an online business with. One such program that stands out is Pure Leverage.

Pure Leverage has been in hot motion since March 2013. When it first came out, because it was a new program, people were signing-up, steaming to get involved early. For one reason – it was new and for another: Affiliate Marketers know if they get in on the start of something new they’ll earn more money quickly up front.

So there was a quick flurry of activity, interest, and lots of buzz.

Like so many launches of new programs, not everything was in place and there were lots of complaints.

Pure Leverage offered a suite of business tools, an all-in-one business “tool-kit” that consisted of (and still does):

  • WordPress blog platform
  • Auto-responder
  • Video email
  • Conference room
  • Landing pages
  • Pure Leverage Lead System
  • Your Business Lead System
  • Affiliate opportunity

The blog wasn’t ready and it was a couple of months before it was ready to use. During this time lots of people gave up waiting, left Pure Leverage, and moved on.

Yours truly (that would be me) hung in there and I’m glad I did and here’s why…

I believed in the program and the services it offered. I thought it was the perfect solution for people coming online wanting to start a business, or bring their brick and mortar business to the internet. It was easy to use, all set-up, and ridiculously affordable.

Even though becoming an affiliate was an option, what I liked even more was on the emphasis of building a customer base, not an affiliate base or “downline.”  This sent a clear message that Pure Leverage was a client/customer business solution.

Joel Therian, owner of Pure Leverage constantly and consistently kept in touch with his customers. Even during a heart-wrenching time for him and his family when his mother died (just a few months ago) he was sharing blog posts about this news and Pure Leverage updates.

I have never seen a more sensitive, no-crap delivery of information, from an owner of an affiliate/customer focused business like Joel.. and he makes mistakes … and he comes clean about them.


Recently, maybe the past 4 – 6 months he created a incentive program using Facebook. The Pure Leverage Facebook group focuses on inviting people into the community to simply learn about Pure Leverage and be greeted by the Pure Leverage family, close to 40,000 of them. Smart right?

Pure Leverage Affiliates who invite people have an affiliate link so if their invites decide to sign-up they become part of that affiliate’s customer base.

The point being Pure Leverage is a “Family” community online based business and its global …

Now I haven’t even mentioned the services Pure Leverage offers because I wanted to write about the Pure Leverage culture.

The services are excellent. As I listed them above,  and YES, you get ALL of those services listed, for $24.97 a month. That’s it/ And if you want to become an affiliate that would be an additional $19.99 a month.


So if you’re looking for a good, all-in-one suite of business tools, affordable, good customer service, and be part of a growing global community, Pure Leverage could be for you. Find out more by visiting our Affiliate Shop.

Lesly Federici

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