Ravi Chahar Blog Innovator and Creator

Ravi Chahar Innovator and Creator

Ravi Chahar is a WordPress Professional, web developer, and designer.

Ravi’s intention is to guide his readers about WordPress, Blogging, Web Development, Web Design and more. He has expertise in WordPress theme development and customization and can set up and redesign the Thesis themes.


What is the focus of your blog?

BloggingLove focuses on the providing the best guides to all the WordPress beginners and pros. You can find every possible WordPress tutorial from web development to fixing all the WordPress errors.

There are many other niches related to blogging, social media marketing etc. It focuses mainly on helping the people who are struggling with their WordPress website.

It can be too challenging to handle a WordPress website for a non-techie person but BloggingLove is the place where anyone can find step by step tutorials.

 How did you get into blogging?

I started my blog during my graduation because of one of my friends had a website about WordPress themes.

When I started writing, it brought an unexpected joy to me. You know when people appreciate your work, this is the best feeling.

I learned a lot about blogging and all the technical kinds of stuff required to run a successful blog during this blogging journey.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you first started your business?

I always wish the kind of human bonds I make know. What was so different than in my starting days?

In my starting days, I was never able to connect with my fellow bloggers. You know that no one replies when you’re just starting out.

Some people think that you can’t stand more than a few months and neglect your precious comments. Blog comments have always been a major aspect I wish I would have learned before.

 What is your most proud blog related achievement? How did it affect you and/or your business?

I used to struggle with the technical aspects of WordPress and no one was there to help me. My blog had many ups and downs but when I started writing about WordPress, every went as I expected.

I was honored when my fellow bloggers started mentioning BloggingLove as the blog to find the solutions to their problems.

PAC Shop

Till my graduation final year, it wasn’t so popular as it is now. I am always proud when people started asking me for help.

One of the proudest moments when I saw my blog’s name for one of the best for WordPress blogs by many people on the social media. I read many comments where people suggest BloggingLove.

The more you get acknowledged, the more you get motivated to work harder.

 Please share a blog post that you want to highlight? Why did you choose this one?

I have chosen WordPress Theme File Structures because I want to let people know that WordPress isn’t as scary as it seems.

This post contains the structure of a WordPress theme and all the files which can be used to develop it.

Most of the people are afraid of the technical side of WordPress that they should know that once you start learning, it becomes so easy.

If developing a WordPress can be so easy then why are you afraid of WordPress errors?

How do you manage time to run your business efficiently?

I am a full-time blogger and works 12 to 15 hours a day. I don’t really think about managing my time.

It just happens. I wake up nearly at 5:30 AM and start my day with my daily workout.

Then the working starts after having my breakfast and everything necessary. I take around one and a half hour of the rest during my daytime and then continue.

It goes till I have my dinner and then again the working hour starts till 12 or maybe 1 AM.

The routine starts again for the next day.

 What aspects of your business do you want to learn more about?

 I want to learn more about plugin development so that I can help people to provide the easy to use and lightweight plugins just like my themes.

It will be a major achievement for me and BloggingLove’s readers.

When you aren’t working, what do you like to do for fun?

Apart from my work, I like to explore more about technical aspects of this world. People are bringing more and more to our world.

The concept of AI has become one of the hottest things now. Tesla is bringing an amazing change to this world.

I also like to listen to music in my free time to calm my senses.

 What else do you want us to know about you? 

I am just a person who knows the value of human bonding and how people want me to behave with them. Every time I read something related to world peace, I am like are people really trying to maintain it.

I have always tried to create an environment where people can happily build their business. Don’t you want to have a place where people can have the solution to their problems?

That’s why I have started a Facebook group where people can connect, discuss, and grow.

All PAC members are welcome to take advantage of this feature. If you are not a member of PAC you can join HERE. If you are a member and want to be featured, please, send an email to elise@askdrho.com.

Naturally yours,
Dr. Elise Cohen Ho

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