How To “Rent” High Authority Links For Quick ROI.

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You may wonder what link rental is. It’s a technique that is commonly used in SEO using sites that are known as “sniper” sites.

These sites are made target a specific niche, which are often thrown away and new ones brought in to replace them.

The method can be used to rent links from high authority domains to help get a faster return on investment. There are some dangers to this, but if you are careful, it’s possible to make sure your site doesn’t get “hit”, especially if you approach this with due diligence.

Link rental can range from pennies to hundreds of dollars and come in the form of sidebar, footer or header links for the cheapest options up to contextual links that are manually inserted that have the highest costs. If you use networks like SAPE, SetLinks or LinksManagement, you’ll find thousands of sites that are in different niches ranging from $0.10 per link for low PR sites, up to $30 and more for homepage PR6 links. These are the sidebar, footer and header links types that are not easily seen by the visitor, but are seen by Google. This helps to get high rankings, but should only be used for short term until you build a good permanent link profile.

The best link is a contextual link. This is a link to your site that has been put into the text of an article using what is known as “anchor text” and is far more valuable and more permanent than the sidebar type link. Finding smaller contextual link networks, which are basically like a private blog network (PBN) style link, is more beneficial because they can be more permanent. The prices can range from pennies to hundreds based on the network and the link you want. The benefit of using smaller networks is that Google tends to leave those alone, instead going after the “bigger fish”.

An example of Contextual Links (links are blue):

rent contextual links

The Benefits Of High Authority Link Rental

If you can rent links from a higher authority site in your niche, the benefits are HUGE! You need to be vigilant and research the sites you are looking to use. You can check Google to see if the site appears making sure that it is indexed. If it is, then you can check further. If a site says it’s PR2 or 3, chances are it will have Page authority and Domain authority, which can be checked through the Mozbar add on for your browser or Seo Moz’s open site explorer. In most cases, the DA and PA will be above 20 and 25 respectively. These will be good sites to get a contextual link from.

The better the DA of the site, the more valuable the link will be. You can send some links to the article to help boost the PA, especially if you link directly to your money site, building up a second tier of links to boost the quality of that initial link.

What To Avoid When Renting Links

Remember the short term links to get faster rankings. Make sure you avoid the “spammier” sites. Sites crammed with links are not going to benefit you. Google finds these sites more readily and they will probably get deindexed faster too. If you want a quick ROI, by all means use the larger link networks initially. The thing to remember is to note down exactly when you placed the link. Track your rankings and try to build your newer links more naturally. Then you can drop the network links in preference for the contextual ones.

In some cases links are hidden in the code. They are invisible to the visitors, but not to Google. This should be avoided because Google does have human checks going on. This is common place in Russia, who have other practices that are not allowed by Google and is another thing to look out for. Although not all links are hidden, they may be entered in such a way that they can easily be missed by the general visitor, but again, not to Google.

An example of that is here:

rent links - footer

Renting links can be beneficial to you if you want a quick ROI, but for longer term rankings, if you do consider this method, use the contextual link rather than the link network using the sidebar, footer, header technique. Using the latter for longer term could lead to your site getting a penalty or getting deindexed, which is something you really need to avoid.

The rent links strategy is one that can work well for you as long as you take due diligence and follow the right procedures. Be sure to note everywhere you have these links so you can remove them if necessary to avoid penalties. For a more detailed outlook on this method, you can get a action plan on this from Drip Apps.

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