Review of ClickFunnels 30 Day Challenge “One Funnel Away …”

Here’s a review of the ClickFunnels 30 Day Challenge “One Funnel Away …”, It’s quite a challenge.

I’ll reserve my personal opinion until the end of this discussion. But you may be able to gleam an insight into what I really think.

But first let me give you some background as to why I got involved in this program. I’ve been online since 1998 and have grown-up with the internet – even before social media came along. So I’ve experienced a lot, seen a lot and then as I got wiser I got more CURIOUS as to how to promote products and services online. I wanted to KNOW what and how to do this for myself.

So, of course I purchased programs claiming I would learn how to promote products and services only to be disappointed and short on cash. I was jaded and avoided following the “Gurus”.  I NEVER got what I wanted to know – how to set up a system to promote stuff. I followed Fran Kern way back when he was just starting out and then as he grew in popularity so did the cost of his programs.

This is one reason why I’ve stayed away from the big names – and there are many. Their programs are ridiculously priced . But then again, they have a lifestyle they’ve created and have to maintain right?

You can learn so much from these guys … if they could only come down to earth a bit.

So I have been greatly turned off by Gurus.

Now Russell Brunson I knew about for years. Years ago I did take a course from him called “” on the internet. It was a manageable fee and it was informative. He was just starting to talk about funnels and “funnelhacking”. I remember liking how he presented his lessons through drawings and it actually helped me in creating my own videos. Now years later he’s created ClickFunnels, and you see it everywhere.

Now I know a few people who have this program and didn’t say much about it – except it’s pricey (no surprise there). I’ve seen the Ads, the buzz, and I didn’t bother to look into it. Until Ed Dale (for those who know him)  talked about it in a group I was participating in.

Now let me just say, marketers are very smart. They know the psychology of persuasion and how to use it. It’s a known copy-writing tactic that’s also used and it’s this: People are swayed through emotional stories not by logic – that comes later after the purchase is made. 

So Ed mentioned a 30 Day challenge that he was participating in to make $10,000.00 in a new niche in 30 days.  Hmm .. I thought – that’s interesting. It’s a labor of love I think for Ed to prove ANYONE, if they put their mind to it, could do the same and some people have done it – but WHO did?

Well, Russell Brunson had published a book – ” 30 Days – What if you had no money, no job, nothing .. what would you do?”

This book contains 30 stories of people who started from scratch and made thousands of dollars in 30 days using ClickFunnels and their own unique strategies.

So I signed up. Curiosity got the best of me and I thought … maybe, just MAYBE I would learn how to actually set up a funnel to promote my own products, services, and show others how as well – something I wanted to learn for years.

Let me stop right here before I go on because there’s some very sophisticated, stealth marketing going on here – that you can use too.

  1. Ed brilliantly educates his group that any market IS a market. And that’s true. If you look around your home, everything you have was “marketed” to you and you bought it right down to the pen on your desk.
  2. Ed presents the 30 Day Challenge in his group and invites you to join him. But as group members, they choose which story in the book to follow and he’ll implement what they did to make $10,000.00 in 30 days.
  3. If you want to follow along, join the 30 Day Challenge that Russell is offering for $100.00 and in 30 days you’ll learn how to build a funnel using ClickFunnels with a 14 day free trial.
  4. Yep. I did. And the link I was given was Ed’s affiliate link so he made money – which is good!

So here’s the clever marketing so far:

  • To draw people in, you create a story around a product or service that can solve a problem. You don’t tell them what it is exactly  – you just share a story that taps into an emotion creating hope and a vision of success for them.
  • Having the book, “30 Days” was smart because if you’re like me, you want to know what they did, right? How THEY made money when they had none. What did they use, resources, etc., and the book gives you all of it.
  • You are drawn into the ClickFunnels world using the program for 14 days free. So once you start creating funnels using the program – it’s stored there.
  • There’s great build-up and suspense for this challenge BEFORE it begins.

So now I start the training with Russell Brunson via video and coaching via video with Steve Larson. Thousands of people have signed-up for this 30 Day Challenge. One week prior to the challenge starting, one full week was devoted to preparing your MINDSET for success with and during the 4 week challenge. Each day there was a story told from Clickfunnels clients and an assignment to do – “Homework” exploring your fears that hold you back. Everyday there was a success story and homework.

The Course:

  • Pre Challenge Week – Discover your fears, Mindset and believe in yourself
  • Week 1: Looking at product offers – how the pages are set up in a funnel. Review 10, take notes, images, this is “Funnelhacking”.  How to create products FAST: Public Domain, PLR – Greatest Show on Earth.  Understand “Hook, Story” Offer” and sequencing
  • Week 2: Publishing,  graphics for your products and resources, the “Epiphany Bridge” , create your “Origin” story, creating “Hooks” from your origin story, review
  • Week 3:  Core Funnel Strategy,  setting up your ClickFunnels share funnel, setting up the squeez page, setting up the offer page
  • Week 4: Traffic and promoting

Everyday there’s homework. So the emphasis is very strong on LEARN then DO – a philosophy I believe in because it reinforces what you’re learning as well as turning around to teach others.

I am currently in week 3. At the end of this challenge I’ll be able to use ClickFunnels to promote anything I want. But, not sure if I will .. when I complete the program I’ll decide. But here’s where I got turned off.

In the beginning Russell was showing a three step funnel everyone would bui;d.

One Funnel Sequence

However, in week 3 the funnel changes to one promoting ClickFunnels that has a 5 step sequence. Ok, I get it .. because the bottom line is to get LEADS and NEW CUSTOMERS of which, so far I am one.

More stealth marketing …

Russell has also written a few books: “ Secrets” which discusses the science of funnels, “Expert Secrets” which talks about the ART of creating funnels, and then there’s this one which I have to say is AWESOME – the “Funnel Hackers Cookbook”. I have all 3 plus the “30 Days ”

The cookbook is really useful because, like an actual “cookbook” there are “recipes” for every kind of funnel you’d want to make with directions on how to build them with diagrams, pictures, etc. It’s a “How To” book on using the ClickFunnels platform. VERY SMART!

So built quietly within the “30 Day Challenge – One Funnel Away” …  is a slew of smart marketing methods from books that are congruent in publishing style and graphic design, to the 14 day free trial, and the actual training and eventually the funnel you finish building further promotes ClickFunnels as an affiliate. And Russell will, I’m sure, will make this challenge into a future product he can sell.

Expert Secrets

Get the “Black Box” which has all 3 books: Secrets, Expert Secrets, and the “Funnel Hackers Cook Book”


Here’s what I really think about this challenge (and not done yet).

It’s the best, online training I’ve ever had. Russell’s books  – and especially Expert Secrets is inspirational. What he writes about is deep, meaningful, descriptive, and instructional. When he discusses the “Greatest Show on Earth” of P.T.Barnum and the books HE wrote, where Russell actually found books Barnum had written on the public domain website Russell’s face just lights up and I could feel his passion for writing and educating, and most of all making a difference in the lives of others.

He’s a father of 5 children and he’s teaching them a compassionate business mindset early on. Do I sound like a groupie? No, I just admire what he’s created and doing – you learn a lot from people like Russell who don’t dish out bullshit to make a dollar. Stay away from those – you can tell.

I know more about funnels than I ever did and so wanted to know, and now I do. This challenge was not only about building a funnel but what is required in planning one, the psychology of sales and potential customers, and your/mine responsibility in creating a system that is visually simple and congruent to potential customers.

A confused mind never buys.

If Russell runs this challenge again – take it. It’s worth the time and the money.

For now, I have homework to do but I leave you with promoting his books because your brain will burst with ideas and knowledge, something you effeminately need to create funnels.

Just click on the image above. Enjoy.

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