Who is Sage? Find Your Ideal Blog Audience

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Are you struggling to increase your blog readership? It could be that you haven’t yet found your one ideal reader. You might ask why bother with one reader when I blog for a lot of people.

Well, that one ideal reader is the benchmark for all your others. He/she is one who really appreciates what you write. They benefit and learn from what you say. You’ve hit on areas they struggle with and gave them solutions.

If you are new to blogging, don’t expect to identify your ideal reader for a while. Keep on going and all will become clear. Even if you are more experienced and your content is excellent, readers won’t come if you don’t know who to aim your posts at.

Identifying Your One Ideal Reader

Rather than say he/she throughout, I’ll call him/her “Sage”; a name for both male and female. Sage means a wise person and of course your ideal reader is wise because they know what they want. Your job is to give them not only what they want but what they need.

  • Sage will visit regularly, comment on and share posts of interest to them, subscribe to your email lists and download your giveaways.
  • Sage will follow you, and like and share your posts.
  • Sage won’t be visiting only for reciprocation.
  • Sage will fill in your surveys when you ask readers they want to learn from you.

Remember to first discount your mom, sibling, or best friend before coming to your answer ๐Ÿ™‚

Drill it down Further

Find out more about Sage.

What level of knowledge is shown in their comments?

What are they interested in? Check out their social media profiles to see the kind of posts they write and what they share. What other kind of sites and social media pages do they visit?

How old are they and what is their primary language. I use language in both a specific and more general way here. What country do they come from? Do they speak a “lingo” specific to the young generation and if so can you speak it yourself! Sometimes I find it hard to understand what my young relations say on Facebook! Can you relate to that?

Find out what you can about their personality, circumstances, and problems they have. Maybe it’s motivation and reassurance they need as much as information. Your aim is to solve their problems.

Ask Yourself Why

  • Why does Sage find you interesting, when it’s likely they could find the same information elsewhere.
  • Which type of posts do they share, which type of image do they pin.
  • Are you more entertaining to them than other writers? If so why: maybe they like your conversational tone or humor.
  • Do they prefer posts with video or audio rather than purely text.

Increasing that One to Thousands

Followers for a blog

An ideal audience for a Fashion Blogger?

You understand what problems to solve. You could say you know how to be a Sage to Sages.

  • You know which kind of topics to concentrate on and what level of understanding and knowledge to target. (Is your ideal a beginner or more advanced?).
  • Aiming your words to the right level is more powerful. I once had an Economics lecturer who taught at his own level of knowledge. I hardly understood him so I took to a huge, dry, textbook to learn instead.
  • You’ve found the ideal type of post. Work on not only writing more of these but improving those already written. Do they need more information, more images, a video, an accompanying pdf download?
  • Even before writing a post, ask yourself “is this something of interest to Sage or just you”? I abandoned a post I’d almost finished writing for today. Even I lost interest in it!
  • You may discover that you are concentrating on the wrong social networks.. For example, Sage might frequent Twitter rather than Facebook so you put more effort into Twitter. They might be active on Pinterest so include at least one irresistibly pinnable image.
  • You can better tailor your products, services, affiliate offers or opportunities to suit this audience.

Of course Sage might move on, because they’ve gained the wisdom they sought, but there are a lot of budding Sages out there waiting for you to help them.

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After reading this, or from your own experience, what is your ideal blog audience, who is your Sage? Are there other ways you can think of to pin it down?

What other topics are you interested in reading on the PAC blog? Let us help you succeed.

Sue Bride





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