Sharing Unrelated Blog Content

It’s usual for us bloggers to connect with other bloggers for the common aim of helping each other and promoting each others content.

Although PAC has many more features, it is a prime example of this. But what if a blog post you want to share is totally unrelated to what you’d normally post to your social networks?

To keep our social media content of interest to our blog readers, we often don’t want to to post unrelated content to our profiles. We are even less inclined to post to our business pages and groups. Any links we do post are normally to our own content and to other articles of value.

If you want to share unrelated blog content, or you’ve committed to it, but you don’t know where. Here are some tips:

Where to Share Unrelated Content

Where to share unrelated blog coontent

Sharing to your Social Media Profiles

Our social media profiles often hold more varied content than just our own niche topics. We write about our interests, and post and share interesting images of all sorts, with the aim appealing to our friends and followers, to help them get to know us better, and to develop trust.

Showing you support your friends by posting their content, even if it is unrelated to your normal content, is a sign that you are helpful. Add a message saying you are sharing a friend’s post and add a link to their own profile or page. Savvy contacts will want to get to know you better because you’re likely to share their content to!

Tag a friend who you know is interested in the unrelated topic. Go a step further by introducing the author to this friend. For example I recently introduced an Australian friend who blogs about dog training to my daughter, who trains her dogs for competitions and those she fosters from animal shelters.

Share to Groups and Communities

Share unrelated posts to groups, particularly Google Plus communities. There are plenty of groups there that allow links to content of all sorts. If you’re not a member of any then join one or two. I recently started such a group, Google Plus Teamwork Pays, with the aim at helping other bloggers. PAC member Dexter Roona has been running the Google Plus Engagement and Google Plus Engagement Blog Club. for much longer and they have a huge number of members.

When you regularly share the posts of a blog friend, who’s content is totally unrelated to yours, consider joining a group dedicated to that topic and share there. An example: If a friend blogs about travel join a travel/vacation group.


If your particularly enjoy a post that is related to your topics be extra kind and post to a group as well as your profile. Note; on Google Plus you can’t share to your profile and group at the same time. Share from your public post instead. This has a double advantage. You’re helping someone and it’s your profile that shows in the group post.

Consider tagging a friend who is interested in the topic.


Pinterest is a great site for sharing content of all sorts. Set up boards for the purpose of sharing unrelated content. You can even create a “Favorite Blogger” board. Your aim with Pinterest is to get people to follow all your boards rather than one in particular. This is more likely if you post on a variety of topics. Your followers then get to see the content you really want them to: your own blog posts and any promotional content.


Stumbleupon might not be a site you concentrate on but you can post unrelated content to it, as well as your own. I get a consistent and quite significant number of visitors to my own blog from there, even though I only share using share buttons and a toolbar button. I can’t remember the last time I visited.

Bookmarking Sites

Not as popular as they once were but still of some value. I’ve posted all my content to Delicious for many years. Diigo is more specialist site in that most members seem to be educators. It’s a good place to post links to tutorials and tools and resources.

Content Curation Sites

It’s quick to post to sites such as, Listly and Reddit using toolbar bookmarklets. If a few of your blog friends post about a particular topic, unrelated to yours, set up a board for it. Topics that spring to mind are SEO and Marketing.

What about Promotional Posts?

You might not be keen on sharing posts of a promotional nature, particularly if the author is in competition to you. Go back through recent posts, or the blog archives, and share those instead. The same applies to bloggers whose content is related who haven’t posted for a while. You can also add a new comment to a recent post you’ve already commented on, or reply to another comment. Then re-share the post.

Tips For Helping your Friends Share

  • Don’t include tiny images in your blog post but make them large enough to be worth sharing. This encourages Pinning to Pinterest, or newcomer Tsu, and they stand out more when posted elsewhere.
  • Post image quotes or words of wisdom related to your blog post. These are shared extensively on all social networks.
  • Add images that are shareable. A health blogger can post enticing colorful pictures of food, a travel blogger images of locations and scenery.
  • Include a popular posts widget or add links you choose yourself,using a blog roll widget. Someone may not be interested in sharing your most recent post but can find something from your archives.
  • Reply to all your comments and encourage further discussion. If someone revisits a post, wanting to comment again and re-share, make it easy for them to do so. For example, if someone writes a question in a comment answer and ask others to add their own ideas. If someone posts a suggestion reply and ask what others think or if they do the same.
  • Set up your own groups on Facebook and/or Google Plus and invite your friends to post their blog links and other content of value.

Where do you tend to post unrelated content to the most? Are there any other networks you post to that I haven’t mentioned here?

With my best wishes for your success


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