Should You Be Linking to Authority Sites

In a previous post I asked a big question for you and that was…

“When you add internal links on your blog do you set them to direct to the article on your site or to open in a new window or tab?”

You can read the full article here  A big SEO question – Are you making this SEO mistake?

In this article, I want to follow up and talk about linking to authority sites to qualify what you say and how it is good for SEO.

Linking to authority sites

Lots of bloggers and webmasters are scared to link to other sites. But the thing is if you are linking to qualify what you are saying to add another opinion then there is no problem with this, in fact, Google likes you doing this because you are helping Google do its job and continue the flow of information.

If your article doesn’t cover the user intent then maybe a site you link to does.

Where bloggers get a bit jittery is that they see linking out as damaging “I want to outrank the competition so why would I link to them? 

And it is a good question to ask especially when your linking out and Yoast SEO will red flag you and say “you are linking to a page that is optimizing for the same keyword. Consider changing this if you truly want your page to rank for this keyword”

Does it really matter? I don’t really think so

Do you want to align yourself with the most relevant content? Yes

So as you can see I am very much in favor of linking to authority sites.

But here’s the thing

Do we really need to link to the top 3 or 4 pages in the search results for SEO?

We know it is a really good idea to link to authorities but I am not convinced that if you write about SEO like I do then you only link to Backlinko, Neil Patel and Moz (no follow links)

These guys are not going to notice your linking in, your not on their radar.

Yes, there are occasions when I do link to them but only when it is something new that I have not seen before.

My strategy to some extent is to link to slightly lower tier search results.

This is controversial but just because a page ranks 1 on Google it doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best page.

We tend to follow the herd and a lot of the time the top search results are there not because the content is the best but because of herd mentality.

Everyone backlinks to them so it is hard for Google to dismiss such high ranking signals.

I like to try to link to bloggers who are getting some search results, who are clearly good at what they are doing and support them.

I like to support the competition of the top players in a specific niche so that we can hopefully get a more varied page 1 over time.

The benefits

Linking into up and coming posts does have benefits especially if you tell the webmaster what you have done.

You will probably make a new contact and who knows what that will bring down the line.

A link back to you.

A guest spot or two.

Certainly some social shares

I’m not saying don’t link to the top authorities just don’t be their Cheerleader and support the underdog, if of course what they are doing is good.

are you linking to authority sites?

That’s all for now.

So what do think? Am I write or have I got this wrong?

Let me know in the comments section below!

Regards Dexter

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