Simple Social Media Rules

In this PAC Article we are going to look at Social Media from a simplistic marketing view point and fill in a few blanks to help you get better social media results.

Simple Rules Of Social Media - Social Media Rules

The Social Media Rules

I see so many Social Media users wandering around social media land and really falling into every engagement trap that there is and really getting little or no results for their efforts and breaking all the social media rules.

But of course your results are really based on the why your are using social media and the good news is there are very few social media rules.

Two Social Media Categories

There are really 2 categories of social media user and they are those that use social media for fun and to keep in touch with family and friends and then there are those who use social media for business or to market a product and it is really the second category where we fall in the pitfalls and beak the social media rules.

The funny thing is quite a few of the answers to solve the marketing social media puzzle and to avoid the traps and pitfalls can be found in Category1 and these can be applied to Category 2

In Category 1 you are running around sharing images, talking to friends, arranging nights out, sharing the results of said night out, you are creating  massive quality engagement because you have an audience that you now and who trusts you.

But in Category 2 it is very, very different.

It is in Category 2 that we break all the social media rules. In Category 2 you are Billy no mates because you don’t concentrate on the things that work in category 1 and apply them to category 2.

We suddenly start to throw links out to people we don’t know saying this is a great business to be involved with or this is gonna make you a stack of cash. The thing is this approach doesn’t work, it is a bit like that annoying guy who turns up in the restaurant or bar who try’s to sell you that single rose, yeah ok, if you knock on as many doors as he does then you will get someone to buy eventually but it is not the way to do it if your’e a marketer.

So What Is The Answer?

Simple go back to scratch, take the time to look at what others who are marketing are doing, and check their engagement levels and model what they are doing. Then it is down to you to use the results of your studies.


Join conversations by commenting. Engage, converse and be objective….. you are introducing yourself and making friends and contacts and providing value to on going conversations. You need to build relationships just like the ones you find in Category 1.

It’s ok to still post your ads and business shares but you have to be part of the conversation else ware for people to notice what you are doing and for you to be credible.

It’s all about building relationships and that is when we become relationship and attraction marketers.

I told you there were not many social media rules 😉

My Top 50 Most Relevant Engagers On Google Plus - Social Media Rules

Do you recognize any of these faces?

To your continued success regards Dexter Roona

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