Make Your List Building Strategy Work

Is a list building strategy that actually works that scarce to come by? I’d say the answer is no but that can easily come into question if we are talking about quality list building.

Need an email list fast? Just do a solo-ad or some other paid advertising but you can almost guarantee yourself an email list with a ton of unengaged subscribers who are used to opting in for offers using third tier emails just to find out what’s inside.

So unless you have the “secret source” for paid advertising I’d suggest to invest in yourself and create quality content because in the end that’s what typically breeds qualified visitors at your door step.

If you are creating content but not seeing the lead flow as you’d like then consider a few tweaks on how to build a list from scratch that will attract more targeted, qualified individuals on your list.


List building tips starting with social media

Is it really that effective for you to be managing 10+ social media outlets? Better yet are you even tracking the performance and engagement that you receive from these outlets?

If you aren’t then you should probably take a step to the side and just choose 2 or 3. Yes, that’s it!

Chances are you can probably find 2 or 3 that have your target audience on them to build an email list from.

Although you’d probably like to think that your target audience is abundant on every social media platform its probably not true.

Not only that but it’s just easier to manage and get the most out of each of them. As long as your target audience is there and the offer within your content is relevant you will have no problem building a quality email list.



Easy list building with offers relevant to your content

Although this may take some effort to create, it is a small change that will massively impact the growth of your list by creating different offers that are specific to each type of content you make.

An example would be if you wrote a blog post on why list building is important go ahead and create an offer for viewers to get an expert guide on the best list building strategies to grow their business as a next step from the blog post.

This is by far the number one tweak you can make to your marketing efforts that will not only help grow your list but also segment your list so that you know exactly what each individual on your list is really interested.

Even I’m currently still creating these offers for my visitors but the ones I’ve created are already getting more opt ins than the more generalized offer covering multiple topics.


Action-oriented calls to action for your list building

Sounds like a “no-brainer” but it’s just that important that I’ll add it to this post. Whether you’re using calls to action on your blog post, videos, podcast, images, or buttons you MUST use action words to trigger viewers to take action.

This is as simple as using words or phrases like:

  • Click here
  • Download now
  • Try it free
  • Get started
  • Listen in
  • Start now
  • Sign up
  • Call now

If you leave people to decide what to do next, they won’t do anything!

So just make it easier for them and guide them through to the next step to opt in for your offer using strong action words. Having your call to action and offer be relevant to the content on which it lives makes for easy list building.


To your success,


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