Social Media Marketing Strategy | Putting It All Together

A practical social media marketing strategy is a must for most business these days.

With the emergence of social media over the last decade or so it has allowed businesses to further engage their customer base on a deeper level using different the different platforms to do it.

The truth is people in general have different tastes and preferences as to how they best like to communicate.

Some like to read and write in order to communicate, and then there are people who are more visual and prefer to watch a video and see images in order to either receive or deliver a message.

The big question is what is your preference and is it worth using all the social media platforms to reach as many folks as possible.

[tweet_dis][/tweet_dis]Social Media Marketing Ideas For Different Platforms!

Facebook – A Central SM Location For Promotion

A strategy that has worked for myself as well as many others  has been to use Facebook as a centralized place for promotion besides my personal website or blog.

This is because most people are on Facebook and typically like to hangout there. This the perfect time to get some social proof from your followers.

In addition to the fact that most people are on Facebook, you can have your business page as a place to share information about your business or opportunity and build community.

An advantage to this, especially if you have a following or team that engages with your content, is the interaction and engagement you receive gives you some social proof that you can build from.

Instagram & Pinterest For The More Visual People

Instagram and Pinterest are two very powerful platforms that you can use to attract the right people to your business and opportunity.


You should know your niche better than anyone else so use it to your advantage. Post photos of things that would interest them or that are aesthetically pleasing in general, along with using relevant hashtags or keywords in your niche.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so the advantage here is you can do less talking and more showing.

Remember, regardless of the platform you are on, it is important to lead with value. Post images that will lead to come content that helps solve a problem.

Twitter For The Readers & Microbloggers’

Twitter is a sleeper for most marketers. Although many may have a Twitter account they don’t realize that you can automate your twitter marketing and begin to engage with those in your niche.

With some simple automation you can begin conversations with people who have shown interested in your content.

From there you can direct people back to either your Facebook business page or website where you can build your authority and expose them to other helpful content that you produce.

YouTube Is A Slightly Different Animal

Video, in my opinion, is the best medium for marketing any business. If you’re not doing video for your business then you are missing out on a majority of the eyeballs you need seeing your business.

There are some staggering statistics involved with video marketing that makes it an absolute no-brainer to implement it into your business. People are consuming video content at record rates and you’re at a big disadvantage without using it.

The ultimate call to action should be to move them along to the next logical step in solving their problem.

This can be inviting them to download an offer, visit a page on your website, or connect with you on Facebook at the very least.

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