Automated Social Syndication Using Syndwire

Syndication is a very important part of the SEO process. If you can automate social syndication through web 2.0 properties that have high authority, this way to build authority into your site.

When you have that authority in the eyes of Google and the major search engines, it is generally easier to rank.

In this post I am going to review a system that I have been using for a month or so now. This particular system is called Syndwire.

Syndwire is the creation of Joe Troyer and it was created to take on Only Wire. Many of you will have heard of Only Wire as it was a great way to syndicate your content via many social platforms. Then there is IFTTT, which I also spoke about in another article on automated syndication.

Why Use Syndwire For Social Syndication?

Because there is so much more offered.

  • You can automatically share videos by connecting your You Tube channel.
    This monitoring of the channel will automatically take your new video and repost to other video platforms like Daily Motion, Vimeo and more. Then you can set up the syndication through the different channels in the system to help your videos rank quicker.
  • You can share your RSS feeds. This then automatically shares and cites your content through 100 blog sites. Unlike Only Wire and IFTTT, you can have hundreds of different blogs set up over the different web 2.0 platforms. These are, Blogger, Jimdo, Weebly, SOS blogs and more. When these are indexed, you could even see these ranking too. As well as blogging platforms, there are social share platforms such as, Twitter and Skyrock. You can also add blog posts to Skyrock using the blog post submitter in the system. You need to do the same with Tumblr. Again, the accounts can be split into various niche markets if you’re promoting several.
  • Social bookmarking is another area in Syndwire that gives you the opportunity to use direct bookmarking in some circumstances, but also the opportunity to create more tiered links to your campaign. Again, the possibilities are endless because of the number of sites and niche markets you can use.

There is so much more to this system. There is basic training on using the system and how to post, so it’s a good idea to find out how to do a tiered linking system, which is the most powerful way to build authority and make things appear more natural. If you’re interested in learning more about how to set up a tiered linking system, you can leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

Improvements I Believe Can Be Made To Syndwire

There is a way to schedule a post, but if you set up several accounts to post to, there is not a way to “drip feed” the posts over a few days. I believe this could improve things in scheduling posts. I haven’t actually had an issue with this, but if you’re one who likes to be very careful, a slightly better scheduler would fit the bill.

What Can Syndwire Do For You?

I spoke with a friend who had a new site and wanted to see what this system will do to improve authority. The site we used had a Page authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) of 1 because it was new. Also, the Majestic stats would be Trust and Citation flows of 0. Using the RSS syndication, after just 2 weeks and 4 blog posts, the PA and DA have moved up. You can see from the image below what they now are:

Social syndication works

Because it takes some time to index links etc. (unless of course, you put them through an indexer to speed up the process, which we didn’t do), the Majestic stats have not changed. It also depends on when the relevant crawlers visit the site. The evidence for me is still positive and over such a short period of time, this can only be good for the long term.

No matter what the syndication or linking methods you use, there is still the point of things appearing “natural”. You also need to stick to the basic rules of SEO today.

The main “sticking point” for many who are not actively promoting several sites or products is the pricing. There is a discount for a yearly plan, but it is based on how many submissions you make each month. You will need to know how effective your promotion is for a return of investment to be viable. Starting at $99 a month, this could be out of reach for your budget. You could look into sharing with someone, but with the standard accounts, there are limitations set for each level of pricing.

Check out my member page here on PAC. Also please comment and share this post.

Social syndication is a big benefit to anyone who has a website these days. Automated syndication saves so much time and provides lots of “power to your elbow” as it were. I have a possible solution to help you if you have a lower budget. You will still have the means to use this system to rank and build authority into your site. Contact me to find out how I can help you.



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