Start Achieving Your Goals

If you could start achieving your goals, your life would be quite different, wouldn’t it?

Just think of it.

  • You want more prospects.
  • You need a bigger email list.
  • It’s time to put together that ebook, finally.

Now, I could go on and list one goal after another that would help you grow your business.

I could give you a lot of essential “kickstart” goals to achieve if you’re a newbie to online business.

How To Know What Your Goals Are

But I’m not trying to create a catalog of goals, here.

Everybody is in a different place in their businesses and in their lives.

So the goals that make the most sense are different for everyone.

That’s fine.

Now, I want you to just get down to the business of achieving them.

But, hold on.

First, you have to know what your goals are.

Sure, you can just start digging in and making things happen.

I’ve picked up plenty of coaching clients from among those folks who just keep doing stuff that they think will help their business.

Then, after months or sometimes years, they realize that they don’t really know why they’re doing some of the thing’s they are so immersed in doing.

I had one client, for instance, who somehow got the idea that growing a huge Twitter list was a big deal.


PAC Shop

Maybe it is.

She did a really good job at it.

Your Big Goal

About a year and a half later, she was staring at a huge Twitter following and a well-greased system for adding to it almost effortlessly.

BUT, it wasn’t helping her business.

Not even a little.

It looked nice to see all those cool little vanity numbers like “x” number of followers, retweets and replies.

But she wasn’t making any money in her business.

And that was the main reason she was doing all this.

She still had the day job she hated, despite a really sweet base of Twitter followers.

Question: What was wrong?

Answer: She didn’t really know what goals she needed to achieve.

So, the first thing you need to do right now… today… no matter what point you’re at in your blogging or business… is figure out what your goals are vs. what they should be.

Make a list.

First, name your Big Goal.

What do you want to get out of your business?

Financial independence?

More clients for your professional practice?

A huge network of partners for a business your represent?

Once you have your Big Goal spelled out, move on to the milestone goals you need to reach to get there.

Milestone Goals

You see, you can list a whole bunch of goals for yourself and then start working on them, like in the example I just gave you.

But how will they help you achieve your Big Goal?

You have to list the milestone goals that will actually get you closer to achieving your Big Goal.

This is not about just achieving stuff for the sake of it.

It’s not about stringing together an endless stream of “successful” strategies that don’t take you anywhere in particular.

You have to clearly define a handful of milestones you must reach in order to achieve your Big Goal.

Then, devise a strategy to meet those milestone objectives one after another.

But choose your milestone goals carefully.

Each one must clearly move you closer to your Big Goal.

And you must know exactly how and why they do.

Now, you’ve got a roadmap to follow.

If you’re driving from New York to Boston, you need a roadmap.

You have to know that when you get to Hartford, you’re heading in the right direction.

You must know that you have to go through Sturbridge, and then Worcester and finally… you will arrive at Boston.

But ONLY if you stay on track and make sure to get to Hartford, then Sturbridge and then Worcester.

It’s just a matter of connecting the dots to achieve your Big Goal.

60-Day Magic

I have found that the best way to reach each milestone is to implement a 60-day strategy.

Usually, 30 days is not enough time to really get adequate results and 90 days is too much of a slow-track.

Figure out 3 or 4 key milestones that you must reach in order to achieve your big goal.

Then plot a 60-day course of action.

Then do it.

In fact, you could do it right now.

Here’s my challenge to you.

Sit down today and write out a key milestone goal to work on over the next 60 days.

Then map out how… exactly how you can accomplish it.

I’ll show you what this might look like.

Mini Case Study

Here’s one of my personal 60-day goals.

I worked on this a while back, and I’m just going to show you how I mapped it out to give you some real-world structure to this idea.

It’s really broken into several parts.

My 60-day goal was  to drive new clients into a new coaching program.

To do that, I devised a key production strategy.

This was it.

Produce 4 digital info products in the next 8 weeks.

So, 1 new product every other week over the next 60 days.

Each one would integrate with my new coaching program.

The coaching program would be an upsell, downsell or back-end sale, depending on where it was positioned within my sales funnel.

The key idea was to get new clients for my new coaching program.

Okay, so now I had to work backwards.

How can I accomplish what I’m setting out to do?

Mini Case Study – Part 2

To actually reach my 4 products in 60-days milestone, I’d have to map out every little detail of what I need to do…

week by week and finally, day by day.

So let’s jump to my day by day notes.

Here’s just one day to give you a sense of this.

It is typical of what I call my daily blueprint…

Today, I’ve done this:

1. produced a 7-minute video to embed within product #1

2. planned topics for 5 other videos I need to produce to complete product #1

I also planned the rest of the day.  Here’s the plan:

3. write slides for videos #2 thru #6, so I can produce those videos one a day (not including Friday) until the product is completed.

4. write the sales letter for product #1

5. write the email sequence to follow up with new buyers of product #1, prospects for my new coaching program

That’s it for today.

Be Flexible

So how cut in stone are these daily blueprints?

Well, I try hard to stick with them, but you know… things come up.


Here’s my personal notes next to my above implementation plan.

In actuality, I’ll probably only outline the sales letter (step 4) instead of writing all the copy.

I’ve got a doctor appointment, so step 5 might not get done today at all.

You see, you have to be flexible.

Things never go exactly as planned.

Instead of getting all down and dismayed, build that into your strategy.

For instance…

It’s okay if I don’t quite finish every step every day.

My weekly schedule gives me Friday off, to work only on my blueprint for the  next week.

So, in reality, things that don’t get done by the end of Thursday, can get brought up to date during Friday.

Put This To The Test

You don’t have to use my exact system.

Devise your own.

But do this.

Use a method very similar to what I’ve just shared with you to implement your own 60-day goal.

Now, I’m sure you could move your business forward in record time if you set a goal for your next 60 days.

Map out a 60 day outline for accomplishing it.

Each Friday, work on the blueprint for you next week so  it coordinates with your 60 day goal.

Are you ready to power your way through the next 60 days?

How different will your business look 60 days from today, if you actually DO THIS.

I didn’t say “think about it”…

I didn’t say “do this one day”

I said, just do it.



If you think you need help, then click the banner below and see how I help people get fast results.

Start Achieving Your Goals

Postscript To Achieving Your Goals

Keep in mind…

It’s not critical that you buy any of my training or hire me to help you.

It IS critical, though, that you make this happen.

Here’s the thing.

60 days from now, things will look like one of these two things.

1. You’ll have a whole bunch of new paying clients, customers or partners, and you’ll be setting up your next 60 day goal to push expand that success.


2. You’ll still be looking for some magical software to build an online business, or maybe you’ll just be onto some new next dead-end trail.

How do I know that?

Because I see it all the time.

The simple truth is this…

Until you plan for success and implement your plan, you’re not likely to find much success online, or anywhere else.

But no worries.

Because now that you know how to plan and implement, you are ready to start achieving your goals.

Now, I’m back to the production studio.

How about you?

I’d love to hear what your plans are to start achieving your goals.

Please leave me a comment below, and let’s get the conversation flowing 🙂

To Your Success,

Donna Merrill

Donna Merrill is a top pro blogger at She also runs the very popular “Whirlwind Success VIP Club,” a dynamic coaching club that helps both newbies and pros build successful online businesses, networks and followings.

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