How To Start With Niche Sites

Have you considered starting affiliate sales based niche sites but don’t know where to begin or even what to sell?

I’ve recently built a couple of niche sites, where the products to sell were obvious. Then, on a whim, I bought another domain, but not before investigating it. It’s a recently expired, aged, domain with a good url, and it ranked well.  I checked first to see if there were products I could sell on there. This is a bit backwards because, rather than deciding on a niche first, it was seeing the domain name for sale that gave me the inspiration.

Expired or Current Domains For Sale

It’s still possible to buy good expired or current domain names at a reasonable price. Here are a few places to look:

For new domains consider using NameSilo. The price remains the same after the first year and privacy is always free. I’ll be transferring my GoDaddy domains over to them when they become due.

Where to find Products To Sell

Niche Site Topic Categories

Until I started looking into niche site building I’d wondered how to find products to sell. I was only really familiar with JVZoo, Amazon and Clickbank and then only for B2B type sales. There are in fact masses of opportunities, through affiliate networks and individual stores.  Here are some of the top networks:

  • CJ Affiliate – (formerly Commission Junction) is one of the oldest and largest networks with products in a large range of categories.
  • Share-A-Sale  Another large network with 3,900+ Affiliate Programs covering 40 different categories.
  • Rakuten Affiliate Network Not as large but there are products here you won’t find elsewhere.

The Mininterest post “The 18 Best Affiliate Programs & Networks For Anyone And Everyone” gives details, of these and more.

Most networks have minimum payout amounts so, depending on your sales volume, it might be best to stick with one or two. You don’t want small balances sitting in multiple accounts that you can’t withdraw.

Being Accepted by Affiliate Networks

Normally,  you need to give details of your website, and your advertising methods to sign up as an affiliate It’s not guaranteed that you’ll be accepted into all programs. Some look closely at the quality of your site and how well-developed it is. If you are starting a new niche site, make sure it’s complete and has a number of posts.


If you are adding products manually, then a WordPress site without any special plugins is fine. You’ll be given links, banners and sometimes widgets.


For a more automated approach some publisher networks release a feed which allows developers to create special themes, plugins and website software to link in to products.


Amazon has the most affiliate utilities. Apart from those provided by Amazon itself, there are various free and pro themes, and plugins. A couple of popular ones are:


AliExpress is the retail arm of Alibaba, the largest e-commerce company in China and, by some measures, the world. You’ll find many of their products on Amazon and Ebay. Their product range is massive.

Aliplugin is a WordPress plugin that turns your site into an e-commerce store. Choose your niche and bring products in automatically or pick and choose. I recommend choosing, so you include reputable stores that have proven sales. Here is an Aliexpress site I’m just starting: Just Cushions


There are various plugins, themes and other types of website software for pulling in Clickbank products. For example, CBProAds provide a Clickbank Niche StoreFront and a WordPress plugin.


Flippa, sells existing websites, new and established. Take care though as some advertisers sell multiple versions of the same type of site, just with different domain names. Some are quite cheap and seem impressive but they’re in niches where you’d have a huge amount of competition.

I’ve only really touched the basics of what’s available. If you have experience building niche sites and stores based on affiliate products, please comment and let us know. If not have you considered it?

Sue Bride

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