Starting and Growing a Successful Online Business Blog

So, you’re interested in starting and growing a successful online business blog .

Well if you have any intention of building a lasting, income generating presence online then your mind is in the right place.

But before we get into the content, I’ll be the first to tell you that you’ll certainly read different things online that may be in contrast to what you read here

I’m not saying anything you read in particular is right or wrong. What I am saying though is what you read here will set you up for longevity.

Ready? Ok, let’s jump into the content!

4 essentials to starting and growing a successful online business blog with longevity

Based on my experience, I know for sure that your business blogging strategy will evolve – especially if you are consistently doing it.

Start with the essentials listed below and build from there. So, first up…

  1. Get a deep, deep understanding of your target audience

    I don’t want to give the impression that any of these essentials are more important than the other, BUT if I absolutely had to give the edge to one it would be knowing your target audience.

    Why, you ask? Well imagine how hard it would be to sell a random product to any ‘Joe Shmoe’ on the street. Now imagine how much easier it would be to sell that same product if you knew the problems, habits, and interests of the person most likely to buy that product.

    One of the major keys to the success of your business blog will be creating content that is almost exclusive to a target audience. The more targeted the content is on your business blog, the more likely you are to generate targeted leads on a consistent basis and avoid generating leads that miss the target.

  2. Think evergreen

    The internet moves very fast, and often time we find ourselves reading content that seems a bit out of date. While you can’t control some of these things you can always give some deep thought to the content you believe will be relevant 1-3-5 years from now.

    See, in the end, you need something that lasts, not something that comes and goes, right? In growing a successful online business blog, the idea is to become an invaluable resource to your business and the people you serve, and cash in on the trust your content builds – even if the content was written years ago.

  3. Create a general offer

    You need to always be generating new leads while growing a successful online business blog. In fact, that should be the sole purpose of your blog or website. Having various offers that address different problems that people within your industry are facing is important.


    However, creating an irresistible offer that can capture a larger, more general group of people who visit your site will significantly increase your leads on a daily basis. You can promote this offer in blog posts, a top notification bar, or on your blog sidebar.

  4. Develop a relentless habit

    Inconsistent blogging can work for you if it’s a hobby. However, business blogging is a completely different animal. It needs to be a relentless habit in order to get it to work for you!

    Business blogging is meant to create long-term leverage for you, and in order to create that leverage you need to be actively creating content to build credibility and trust.

    Business blogging will not grant you overnight success by any means. So, if you don’t understand the process behind building something long-term then you certainly won’t stick around long enough to reap the benefits. This is where building habit and discipline comes in.

This thing won’t grow itself…so get to work!

Seriously, you can get 101 tips on growing a successful online business blog. But none of that matters if you don’t build habits, put in the time, and evolve as you go.

As always, feel free to engage in the comments section, ask questions, and even give your personal take on what others are saying!

To your success,



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