How to succeed on the Tsu Social Network

A big welcome to anyone who has joined the Tsu Social Network.

Would you like to learn how to efficiently use Tsu and grow your audience and rewards? Well with this article your going to get some very simple Getting Started Tsu Tips

Getting Started Tsu Tips

1/ The first thing to do when you join Tsu is to verify your email address, if you cannot find it then check the spam folder. You must confirm the email address you have used to sign up with.

2/ Connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts to Tsu. (Facebook and Instagram are currently blocking the Tsu domain). Add in your other social channel links, complete your bio and if you have a site add in your site link.

How to succeed on the Tsu Social Network

3/ Upload a profile picture and profile background.

4/ Post only original content or social share content. Take your time to find interesting stories that you enjoy to attract members who are just like you in their likes and interests. No Google images…. we are NOT rewarded for Google Images. Use Free to use images and remember your smart phone camera is your best friend when it comes to creating original Tsu content

5/ Create a very simple getting started guide to help your sign ups to get upto speed on Tsu quickly, feel free to use this Tsu article as a template.

6/ Share your Tsu short-code with your friends. Tsu rewards you for the content that you create but bringing in your friends to share the Tsu Social Network will really increase your daily rewards passively.

Tsu Social Network Posting Limits

Tsu has some very sensible posting limits… if you are maxing out on the number of posts you are making or likes you are giving then your doing it all wrong…… It is quality over quantity on Tsu, less is definitely more

Here are the current Tsu Posting Limits

15 shares per day (24 hours)


45 posts total per day (15 can be shares)

1000 likes per day

5000 friends

1000 follows (you can follow more as a percentage against your followers)

Unlimited children, grandchildren and followers

10 @mentions per post

10 #hashtags‬ per post

The Tsu Social Network day begins and ends at 8pm Eastern Time (Greenwich Mean Time)

Typing “like, nice, follow me etc.” is considered SPAM on tsu, and Asking for people to “share” your post is considered spam on Tsu.

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for more details

Get familiar with the Tsu Settings Page

1. Click on your profile picture, top right of your Tsu page, pull down on the menu to settings.

2. Go to privacy settings, make sure that Tsu Peer To Peer Payments option is selected. You can share your Tsu rewards with members or donate to Tsu Verified Charities Also make sure that you select make my content visible to the public so you can be found on Google

Tsu Social Network - Settings

Tsu Friends And Followers Guide

How you manage friends and followers is up to you, if you only have a few select friends then you can choose to make posts just to friends. An example of this being a good idea would be to just have your children as friends to just share with them

For a more detailed insight into Tsu then please make sure you checkout my Tsu Ultimate Guide

Welcome To The Tsu Social Network



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