How To Swim With The Sharks Part 2

 Read “How to swim with the sharks part 1” before you read this post …

 Someone said “No” to joining my business opportunity, was I upset?


Did I ask “Why not’? ” No….

All I simply said was “Your  right, It’s  not for you, here is my number call me when you know someone that’s serious.”

Does it matter if I don’t hear from this person again? Well no – it doesn’t matter…

It doesn’t matter whether they join or not,  Why?

Because, I’m not emotionally attached to the outcome..

Most people get offended when someone say’s no. Perhaps because they’re chasing the YES result..

If you detach your emotions from the result, you’ll see that this starts a reaction, a different kind of response you won’t notice immediately …

I can tell you what will happen…

Over 50% of the people that said NO to your business will personally call you back within 12 months to join you WHY?

Well… perhaps because you’re not chasing them to join. Perhaps because you left the lines of communication open.  And just maybe the person felt comfortable being able to come back to you. Remember if you take offence at rejection your barriers go up and is felt by your prospect. You’ll  shut them out and they won’t come back , EVER.

So remember by accepting “No’s” all you’re doing is building a future pipeline. You don’t have to call them back but if you had a spare 10 minutes you could give them a quick call to ask their advice for something Just because someone isn’t in your network yet, doesn’t mean you can’t help them in some other way.

 Ever wonder how to recruit a very large amounts of people into your business?

I want to answer something else that’s  going to occur on the 1st October.

I am going to make the unbelievable believable … I am going to make the impossible possible..

I plan to create a success team of over 1000 people within 14 days. Starting just with me.. William O’Toole…

Gradually adding in the people I already work with allowing them to build a success team also.

Here is how it is going to work:

  • I start a conference call with my team, share the status on Facebook, linked in, twitter and other sites…
  • I suspect on the very first call we’ll ave 10 people,  and that is fine, in fact that will be better…
  • I’ll do 4 conference calls a day,  the first call will have 10 people, each person will invite just 3 people to the next call

call 1: 10 People

Call 2: 30 people

Call 3: 300 people

Call 4: 3000 People

I would need to stop at 4 calls a day. I don’t think I could get a conference suite that could hold 30000 people.

Repeat this for 14 days…

42,000 people  are going to be exposed

Assuming a 20% conversion. I am thinking more like 60-80% conversion (No one has ever done this before in history!)

8400 people joining one business… Think about that.. That is more people in 14 days than most people get in a lifetime..

I am going to condense time frames

Would it change your life? You betcha!

I’m not going to take all this glory. I will share the love with my existing hard working highly motivated team!

So let’s look at this as it breaks down….

Let’s say that top 10 in my organisation…..

8400 / 10 people… That works out 840 people ready to join YOU in the business model I will tell you about in due course…

The business at this point is not relevant the point is.. You will have 840+ people joining you.

The figures might fluctuate. Don’t focus on them too much. Let’s just have some fun with this.

This is going to be the biggest and fastest build I have ever done and I plan to do many more.

The next build will be insane! I am talking super fast madness! Be ready.. When you feel the buzz your going to get addicted!

There’s far more to this than meets the eye. I’ll let you know how this turns out. But to generate massive  potential prospects, you have to do massive action on a consistent basis…



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