How To Swim With The Sharks Part 1

 Sharks, human’s they don’t mix… Do they?

Let’s turn this term into network marketing... Do you want to play with the big boys?

The big marketers? The people that are very, very successful ?

I know what you’re thinking..

Of course you do. Who would not want their lifestyle,  right ?

The cars, the houses… the holidays… the lifestyle..

This post is going to give your some insights into things you can do for your own success…

Here are 10 Points you will find useful:

  • Forget everything you know. It is pretty much useless… You do not need PLR (Private Label Rights)  to sell books. Private label rights is a concept used in internet marketing and derived from private labeling. It’s a license where the author sells most or all of the intellectual property rights to their work. The license is defined by the author of the work and has no legal definition)
  • You do not need to join 100’s of safe-lists (A safelist is a list of members who all agree to receive promotional emails. You will earn credits every time you view another members emails. You can spend the credits on sending out emails to the other members of the safelist)
  • You do not need to know 1000’s of people.. if you do then lose 75% of those people. If using Facebook only add people you actually KNOW
  • If you’re a marketer never ever ever, EVER EVER put your business logo on your profile or fan page. This does little for you. It just scares people.. They assume you’re going to pounce on them like a lion waiting to catch his pray
  • Do the opposite to everyone else. Example, I know a lot of people who chase the end goal of a ‘YES’. Then what? People join and you don’t know what to do with them – in most cases.  What you really want to focus on is getting 30 NO’s a day. The law of statistics says the more NO’s you get from people not wishing to join your business the MORE signups you will get because actually you’re not chasing them, you’re collecting a decision. This process is very very different.
  • Don’t tell people what your doing. Which company you are in/promoting. Make them wait a while. Believe me this is a powerful thing.  Like I mentioned in (#5) people assume you’re going to pounce on them with your biz.  If you DO NOT pitch them you will build a relationship and people will begin to trust you and they will, in time ask you about your business and at that point you can discuss the company. Be patient.
  • Use a site link to clean up your newsletters, If you get over 100+ emails a day then just log in and let the system help you to unsubscribe from a lot of them in an instant. It means your not looking at your email so often and your more productive.
  • Make sure you rest! Do not sit and stare at your screen for hours and hours. Make sure that for every 4 hours in front of your PC make sure you take 30 minutes away from it.  Remember you’re in charge of your own day and your own diary. Have a longer break if you want, you’re the boss now!
  • Here is the hardest part – If you have ever had a nagging partner who thinks you’re having some kind of affair with the PC,  ‘You’re spending more time on that THING than with me’..You know… that one? Then to overcome it make sure you take your partner out once in a while, even as a surprise. Most women love sunrises. They will love it even more when you plan to do it in advance and take great care in showing her you care.
  • One of the biggest thing I hear people struggling with is leads… prospects… people to join their business. Sure, you can buy programs that give you leads. WRONG! Sure you can buy leads directly. WRONG! Sure you can even employ someone to get leads for you and then they call them. WRONG! Why not do it yourself ? Generate your OWN leads

Do you know how the big 7 figure earners did it ? In the beginning of their career they’ve done 1 of 2 things…

  1. They called interested parties themselves and followed through the process
  2. They exposed more people in 30 days than most people do in 1 year


Did you hear that? Exposure … Expose more people…

If I told you there was a way to expose more than 1000 people to your business opportunity would you want to know what it was?

What if I told you this did NOT involve Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google..

All completely done offline.

In my next scheduled post you will find out how it all works…

Yes it’s 100% percent free and effective and it does not matter what company you promote…

Note I said COMPANY not COMPANIES… only promote one at a time…

Until next time my friends.


P.S If you feel you have gotten benefit from this post or you know someone who would so comment like and share.

Remember there is a better way! Now let’s go and tell the world! 


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