Take Charge Of Who You Become

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Take Charge Of Who You Become

We are created by our creator, but who you become is your responsibility.

Why does setting goals not work for most people?

I recently attended a 3-day seminar with one of my favorite leaders and entrepreneurs –  Mia Davies. The girl is so bold but sweet at the same time. She’s been through a lot in her life, the past, but now she’s who she wants to be and truly desires.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]”When entrepreneurs stop chasing money and success and start chasing after God miraculous things happen! Don’t settle for the world’s temporary version of success when you can have eternal lasting success” – Mia Davies[/tweet_box]

I’m going to share some of the things she’s pointed out, that I relate to. Knowing them helped me move forward putting my heart as my guide. After all, we need to be true to ourselves and our beliefs.

We all have many successes. We all know what to be “successful” means to us. Yet we often forget and wonder about what we’re missing and what we lack.

There are a few major things we do wrong when it comes to goal setting. I see this over and over again in others  and I have to admit I’ve done it many times myself.

1. Create Goals That Match You.

When we are training, in a meeting,  or on a webinar with some of our favorite leaders we love, respect, and want to become who they are, have what they have, is tempting to take over their goals. Instead of having a goal that matches you, who you are, what you stand for, and what matters to you.

The truth is we all are different. You have a gift that is unique to you, and you have your ways of doing things that are different from mine.


We can all have BIG goals and be successful, but the way we set them and the way we are going to achieve them may be slightly different.

The reason why is because we have different strengths and desires. If we don’t follow what we are good at and lead with it, we get overwhelmed, discouraged and give up.

2. Guard Your Heart.

It’s okay to have big goals the bigger, the better but be very protective of them. Some times we get excited and share our goals with the wrong people, people who don’t have our vision and they are either protective of you – like family members, or jealous of you, or fearful you’ll do better than they ever will. They will take you down.
It’s crucial to make the right choice of friends and your environment, who you spend time with and what you expose yourself to.

3. Watch What You Let ‘In’ and What You Let Go ‘Out’.

The language you use and the information you absorb like movies you watch, podcasts that you listen to, and the books you read will be in direct proportion to your results.

All those are things we can control – we just need to be aware of them. You can’t fix something if you don’t know it exists.

As always thank you for visiting. I appreciate you! Give me your thoughts in the comments below. If you think this could be helpful for someone, please share :). 

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 Till Next Time,

Take Care & Stay Cool!


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