The Advantages to Using Facebook Notes for Your Business


The advantages to using Facebook Notes for your business are undeniable. They are an easy way to create content that rank better within Facebook.

A lot of marketers who are using free strategies sometimes struggle with getting their content seen by their target audience.

A Faceboook Note has the advantage of appearing on newsfeeds longer because it is part of Facebook’s ecosystem, unlike a blog post takes people off Facebook.

That being said, you can use a Facebook Note to create a powerful backlink to your blog by simply adding a link to a relevant blog post within that Facebook Note.

So, What is a backlink?

A backlink is when another website embeds one of your website links on their website. This is free SEO that you can leverage for major traffic.

The more of these backlinks that you have coming from a quality website, the better chances you have of getting your blog posts or pages found through organic search.

This is SEO at it’s best, except the search engines recognize links embedded on social media sites as “no-follow” links even though it can get you some major traffic.

Besides marketing and promoting a blog post or video on Facebook, creating a backlink on Facebook is the next best thing when it comes to free promotion.

Having a backlink coming from Facebook can give you some quality “link juice”, which adds to the advantages to using Facebook Notes for your business. 


The advantages to using Facebook Notes for your business

  1. A blog within Facebook – A Facebook Note is a document within Facebook that you can pretty much consider as a blog post. Facebook will give you a slight edge by keeping it on the top of your friends news feed since it is a document that is keeping people on their website as opposed to sending their traffic somewhere else.
  2. Create powerful backlinks  You can simply mirror a blog post or page that you created on your website and simply embed the link to that blog post or page. That way when people visit the Facebook Note they can click the link to the blog post or page from your website and view the original content.
  3. Search Engine visibilityFacebook Notes have the ability to be found organically through search as do Facebook Fan Pages. If you know a thing or two about search engine optimization on a blog post then these same rules apply when you are crafting your note. 


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