The Amazing First Step To Improving Your Profile

The Amazing First Step To Improve Your Profile

The Amazing First Step To Improve Your Profile Photo is to  Have One!

The first thing to do and so very important to do, is to actually have a profile picture of you showing.

Use a photograph that is really you and preferably within the past few years.

Some may think that any old picture you use for your profile on social media is no big deal and having a professional photo or even no photo doesn’t make a difference. Wrong – it does make a difference. 

Self Branding

If you’re trying to brand yourself online, one of the utmost important things to do is have a clear photo of yourself.

Some say your photo should have a white background, which is good but I believe as writers there needs to be a little something in the background that shows you are a writer.

I realize not everyone is able to get a professional photo taken so do the best you can with your camera or the camera on your iPhone or Android. Some of them take amazing pictures these days.

If possible, have someone else take the photo of you. If that is not possible take your own picture and keep trying until you have a picture that people can look at and without reading your name, say to themselves, “I know who that is. He/She writes books, or writes the travel blog or the low carb traveler blog.”

Prepare For Your Profile

Take the time to prepare yourself as if you were getting a professional photo taken; hair, clothes, makeup, etc.  

Stand facing the camera directly or a slight turn to one side or the other; whichever way your photographs turn out the best.  Stand in front of a solid colored wall, preferably white or a light color with no distractions or maybe something that will remind people of who you are and what you do.

Why Are My Comments Deleted?

So many times I have deleted a comment from my blog just because there was no profile picture! It’s really a shame to do that but each of us has to look out for the reputation and branding that we are building for ourselves and our business.


While it is not as important these days as it used to be for a person leaving a comment to be in the same niche as you are, it is, however, “Very” important to check and see what niche your commenter is in before approving the comment.

A good rule to go by, if there is no profile picture, more than likely they are not someone who is working on branding themselves or their name and you should not feel guilty about deleting their comment.

Tell me, if you are looking for information on something and want to speak to someone, would you waste your time trying to contact this person in the featured photo?

Oops, no profile photo there… NEXT

Many people, including myself, hate having my picture posted on the internet but once you do it and gain your confidence online, you don’t think a second time about putting a profile photo up and keeping it as up to date as possible.

Final Thoughts

One last time to emphasize the point; Have a profile photo of yourself or you may find people leaving fewer comments on your blog. You will probably also find the comments that you leave on other blogs are not being accepted.

Becoming a success online is hard enough as it is. Why would you want to make it any harder for yourself?

As I’m sure you’ve heard; “Work Smarter, Not Harder.”


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