The Billion Coin – ReVisited Update V2

The Billion Coin (TBC)  ReVisited Update V2

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. If you missed it, here’s a follow up post to my previous post.

So what’s happened since my last post? Let me fill you in !

If you’re curious,  here’s a video : TBC is one year old! See the video here!


What is The Billion Coin

The Billion Coin is a crypto currency. (what’s one of those?) A currency that exists online which is used to buy goods and services in a very similar way to BitCoin. The formula begins with a membership agreement. All members of The Billion Coin community agree that this coin will never go down in value; it can only go up in price. This agreement is hinged on a software program that drives the price of TBC up by 1% to 5% daily until it reaches its Ultimate Price

The Billion Coin is a currency like no other. It baffles people because the value of each coin increases daily and it never goes down in value. EVER! Why? The Billion Coin is NOT on the open market. WHY? If it was to be then the MARKETS determine the price daily not the algorithm, TBC (The Billion Coin) is a community coin, It is a relationship coin and more so it is a  currency which if understood millions of people will truly transform their lives. Let me go on to explain why.

The purpose of TBC is to eradicate debt, To remove poverty from our society and re-balance the rich from the not so rich.

Why should the the world’s richest top 20 control the world when in fact we can regain control!

This is not something out of a science fiction book or film, this is real.

More than half of Americans are just $500 away from financial disaster: Households can’t handle an unexpected emergency bill

Imagine if you will that  one day your car breaks down and the repair is in excess of $500+. What will you do ? What if you get admitted to ER and the bill is over $10000+ . What are you going to do? How are you going to pay that when you are struggling paycheck to paycheck ?

That said, This is NOT a sales post this is a follow up to the last post.

Let me tell you my findings. I started in this company with around $200 or so one month after launch..

I could see the price on the increase so i could not wait anymore. My initial investment gave me over 2000 coins. I have 1000 remaining.

Each coin right now is valued at $7345 each. (You do the maths) (As of 31/3/2017) An increase of $150 per coin in the last 24 hours!)

That is a crazy return right ? CRAZY!

The business is going just as strong today as it was when i joined, We now have over 104,000+ members… There is strength in number.

As good as all of this is.. There are also downsides to using The Billion Coin.

I am going to tell you what they are.


The Ugly

  • Exchangers. We do have various websites within our structure that will convert your TBC to BTC (easier to cash as they are on an external exchange) but I don’t like to promote them. WHY? I want to have the power. I don’t want to rely on others. Peer to peer is best. In most cases you need to pay a fee in BTC (BitCoin) or cash in order to get access and then you can cash in very small daily amounts, One site allows $10 a day! Kinda crazy, Call me stupid but I don’t want just $10 a day.. I want $300-750 a day. Imagine how that would help you right now. remember please your value increases daily.
  • This is a Peer to peer platform (Not really a bad thing) but what it means is if your not prepared to put any time in the business then you will struggle to make profit. PERIOD. You must learn what to do and how to do it to be successful. You must learn how to build relationships to be successful. This is what I teach in my community of 6000+ students.
  • If you are not going to promote TBC after your compound stage then DO NOT JOIN! I repeat DO NOT JOIN! I am not interested in having a new shipmate join then only to be disillusioned and drop out, The Billion Coin is for the long term with the advantage that 9+ Months after you buy your coins you can then sell them peer to peer.. In my opinion peer to peer is the ONLY way. Don’t get me wrong in the near future things will be faster for sure but for now you need to get good at peer to peer.
  • I kid you not –  it is NOT easy to ‘sell TBC if all you intend to do is to sit on your behind all day long and wonder why your not ‘making it’. This is not a ‘poor mans’ currency.. You must learn how to build relationships. This is what I teach to my group.

The Bad

  • There are also some people in the community who sell their coins cheaper than others. This is a violation/ Breach of the TBC user agreement which states ‘The full day price should ONLY be charged, Discounted sellers will be blocked’. Put it like this.. Would you buy a car off someone for $50 knowing the car will crash within a few days or would you rather spend $500 to get a more reasonable vehicle ? My analogy might not be the best one but I hope you can see that cheap is not always the best. I guess another example is buying a ‘copied’ dvd of the latest cinema release. The quality will be poor, The sound will be poor, No refund and it likely will ruin the experience. In this life you must always pay the full price and expect to receive the product quickly.
  • Some ‘merchants’ within the TBC community will claim to convert your TBC to btc and or sell you gadgets for TBC at a huge markup difference but they wont deliver them. There are scammers out there. I normally can find out who they are and then I can take action to remove them from the community. Do NOT let this deter you.. It’s always the same in any new technology. I am your guide so use me.

The Good

  • You can become a millionaire within less than 1 year. All you need to do is buy the minimum amount to attain this goal and leave it to compound daily. It’s that easy! You must learn relationship building in order to show others the opportunity but you must act quickly. By Christmas 2017 we will achieve the ultimate price. (This figure will blow your mind!
  • People are exchanging their TBC for gadgets, cars, houses!, Land, and an assortment of goods and services. Just like they do with Bitcoin (btc).
  • We just passed the 1 year anniversary. Please watch the video below.

Questions and My Conclusion

Question: Can you make money with The Billion Coin?

Yes! If you follow the rules and stick to the plan of peer to peer transactions you will be very successful!

Question: How fast can I make money with The Billion Coin ?

After the initial 9+ Months to allow for maximum compounding you can sell the very next day if you want. If you follow the sequence.. What I mean by the sequence is that you start networking from the next day after, Not selling.. Just building relationships establishing trust with your audience. If you really need to you can sell after 1 month but I really don’t advise that because then you need to buy again and after a month your price will be a lot higher than the month before.

This business has enabled me to purchase a car, it has enabled me to get back my initial investment within a month or so pretty easily. Anyone can do this. I have several great, great grandmas in this business and I have some youngsters too! There really is no reason why you should not be aboard this train!

If you wish to contact me you can find me in the group I have started. Facebook group.

You are welcome to come and join me.

Update: I have made this into a turnkey solution I now have a way for you to sell your tbc after it has compounded! No one else can do this.

So, Let’s talk soon. Let me help you become a millionaire within 12 months!

William O’Toole

Would you like some FREE tbc coins ?

PS – Someone notified me they have just purchased a car with TBC! Just Like I have!

The Car Bought with TBC







































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