The Power Affiliate Club Has Spread Its Wings And Joined Tsu

Tsu the social network that rewards members has gained 5 million members in it’s first year and has just had a major upgrade to v3.0 and the Pac Club has joined the Tsu journey.

So why has Pac joined Tsu?

Well it is not about money, it is about the advancement of the site. Tsu v3.0 opens Tsu posts up to public. You no longer have to join to view the content within the site. If you try to comment or engage then you are prompted to join with the content creator.

Power Affiliate Club Tsu Page

So what has changed?

Well in a nutshell it’s the users experience, it is now much easier to find content that you like. Tsu has introduced Topics/Categories and within these categories are members channels (groups) so now when you post you post to a topic, you can then also publish to a group and you can then also send the content to your profile as well. The Tsu Homepage now shows trending content from within the topics and channels and the channels when viewed show content within the channel that is trending.

Tsu Homepage Showing Topics and Trending Content

Your views are unrestricted, you just have to concentrate on creating the best original content that you can.

Forbes recently published a very interesting blog article giving 4 reasons why your brand should join Tsu

Everything You Need Know About Tsu (And Four Reasons Your Brand Should Be Using It)

You’d be forgiven if you’d hadn’t heard of tsu or don’t understand how the network works.  Often described as the social network that pays you to post, tsu shot into the limelight due to a spat with Facebook FB  in September 2015.  The issue tsu faced was not an insignificant one; users couldn’t post links to tsu content in Facebook.


Tsu now offers you the opportunity, to build a following and build your brand, easier and quicker than before, to find content that you like and to be found. There are no restrictions on views and you are even given fair value for the views you receive and the network that you create.


If you would like to follow Pac on Tsu then you can join Tsu Here

(please make sure it says leslypac as the sponsor)

If you have any questions on Tsu then just leave a comment below, i will be happy to answer.

March 25, 2016





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