The BillionCoin has arrived You should read this!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock recently you might not have heard of TheBillionCoin (TBC).

Just in case you didn’t know it’s a crypto currency. Some argue that is not actually a crypto currency. The point they make is that is is not part of the Bit Coin infrastructure, When, In fact every transaction is processed through the bitcoin infrastructure.

Let me explain what it TheBillionCoin is:

TBC is a community based coin (not token). Which you buy from other members who Bitcoinbelong to TheBillionCoin. Which itself is similar to Bitcoin. Before I go further let me explain the differences between Bit Coin and TheBillioncoin.

Bit Coin (bcn) is a company which was started in 2009. This was the very first decentralized currency which means it is not owned by banks or financial institutions.

It’s owned by people who buy the coin.  In January the rate of 1.3 Bitcoin was just $1. fast forward to now and the rate is $669 (At the time of writing this article – 10.27.2016)). Although that currency has went up and down even if you had joined from launch about bought even 500 Bit Coins then you would be very wealthy. I won’t do the math. I will leave that for you. Then once you had sold your coins on the exchange they would pay it into your bank account or visa and hey presto you got paid.

BitCoin Fluctuation chart.

BillionCoin vs BitCoin Chart


Now let’s compare this against TheBillionCoin Data. But Before I do let me give you a brief background on this.

TheBillionCoin was launched on March 21, 2016 with the Initial Price of 0.001 Euros per TBC coin. As of 26/10/2016 the current cost per coin is $42.60. See image below.


TheBillionCoin Coin Cost


If you’re a mathematician you will see the growth which occurs every single day without fail. Unlike BitCoin, which goes up and down due to it’s nature of being supply and demand based. The value of The Billion Coin is not attached to the volatility of the markets, and both Buyers and Sellers of TBC use the Current Price to conduct transactions.

BitCoin sales are mainly managed by the exchanges that do the buying and selling so they determine the prices for both. Both usually has a small fee attached to them too.. You need to know that. But to be fair most currencies of this nature that are on an exchange usually have a fee attached which is usually very very low anyway so it’s not really a concern when doing transactions. If you research this you will see in fact most large exchanges sell millions of these coins a week and as such make a good return just on the transactions.

What is crypto currency?

I know what you’re thinking if you have never heard of this you will be scratching your head as this may feel foreign. So, In a nutshell to answer the question Crypto currency is money which does not sit in a bank in the beginning. Your coins are stored in your online wallet which only you can access. Never tell anyone your password! If you do they can go into your account and transfer your coins out. If you forget your password after several attempts you can find yourself locked out forever and sometimes you can’t get back in, So if you create ANY online passwords please do not lose them, It could end up costing you a fortune.

Let me be clear TheBillion coin crypto currency is neither an mlm, Not an affiliate plan, and in  fact I get nothing directly for this crypto currency. But that does not matter. I do believe that this crypto currency is just a starting step in the world of crypto currencies. Due to this one I am now in a different crypto too. But that’s a story for another day.

As mentioned above the current price is the daily price to buy a coin but here’s the strange thing.. You can buy 0.5 of a coin, or 0.01 of a coin if you want. The important thing is that you get yourself a part of a whole coin as such and then forget it. (Just don’t forget your password! Otherwise you will lock yourself out of your wallet)

TheBillion coin will it change lives? Perhaps. Is it worth the risk? I think so. The only downside and yes there is a downside. Is that it is not on an exchange but then some are not on any exchange so this just means you use P2P (person 2 person). That’s where relationships come into play.

Now there are some people out there who perhaps in disbelief try and destroy this company, Which is unfair, but in this world where there is good there is also those who because they do not understand seek to destroy. I guess we call them nay-sayers, right?

Before I finish up let me show you my wallet ….In May 2016 I put $50 into theTBC wallet. I have done nothing to it. I just left it. Sure I sold a few but that’s not the point…

Look at the value now.

Would you like some FREE TBC Coins?





Now I don’t know about you but I think that’s pretty life changing.

Any questions? Leave a comment below 🙂
William OToole


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