There is a New Old Breed Taking Over the Internet – Can You Guess?

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There’s a new old breed taking over the internet. Honestly, seniors, “older people”, are rising way above the image of blue hair and canes!

According to Sell to Seniors

Statistically, seniors, as a demographic, control 50% of all discretionary income and own about 80% of the wealth in financial institutions. They are at a point where they are comfortable, ready for adventure and eager to spend money on goods and services to enhance their quality of life.

Many people over the age of 50 are clamoring to the internet to find a way to generate income to supplement their lifestyle. Some may be collecting Social Security to help their financial planning – some not. Whatever the circumstance, the silver generation is the new old breed of entrepreneurs.

I am one of those new old entrepreneurs. So let me discuss how valuable an older person is and the wealth of life experience they have to share to the world, maybe this is you?

The Internet can be overwhelming. Someone new to it can get sucked into a blizzard of information. Not only that but also a sea of of people and companies competing for your attention and money.

Being online requires a certain mindset to succeed in using it as a way to generate income. The first being – building relationships so people get to know you.

Once I was contacted by someone online who wrote in a message, “I was referred to you to see if you could help me sell my books online”.

My reaction (which I didn’t reply) was – why would I be interested in your books? Who is this person? Why should I promote it?

Abrupt requests such as this seems to be the flavor of the day on the internet. It’s challenging to address, but it’s a popular attitude embedded in online behavior. Rising above it and finding your own unique way of self-promotion in a respectful way will carry you further in promoting your own business or blog. You have to be able to answer the question with “You should care about what I offer because ___________” – with grace.


Hundreds of people run to the internet daily with stars in their eyes thinking they’re going to strike it rich – when sadly I have to “pop” the balloon here, and say it’s just not so.

There’s a mindset that has to be cultivated, explored, and implemented to even begin to compete, yes compete, with all the other millions of websites clamoring for the “eyeballs” of visitors.

Unless you’re a celebrity, or a well-known company like Coke, you’re just another human being trying to stand-out in a congested pool of websites as well as stand-out in providing valuable content for readers.

There’s good news though. You do have ONE extraordinary thing that no-one else has. Are you ready for it? Here it is: YOU!

That’s right, and this is where the challenge comes in because you have to think, go deep within, to cultivate, explore, and implement what makes you so different from millions of other people online.

Most likely, people who come online just think slapping-up a website is all you need to do. Wrong.

 You can enjoy the rewards of “standing out from the crowd”. But it takes time, effort, and devotion on your part  – no matter your age.

I’ve been online since 1998 – I’m an “Old Bird”  and pretty much “grew-up” with the internet. I created my first website that same year and have morphed myself with the times since then. But it’s led me to the philosophy that “self-branding” is the best tactic to stardom on the internet mixed with a healthy dose of social sharing.

I’m a lovely, seasoned woman of 63 who has learned how to reinvent herself many times over through the years. It’s just the nature of our world now with no job security at all. And so have you.

The Internet is a vehicle to create a business, or a new career without boundaries and it’s global. The possibilities are limitless. The doors are open to creativity – EVEN FOR THE SILVER GENERATION!

However, for some reason (and I see this all the time) many who are around 50 plus years old are stuck, perplexed, confused, frustrated, and just don’t think they have anything of value to share on the internet.

So, so far from the truth.

The mental “block” is this: Our generation was taught it was wrong to praise ourselves, to appreciate, and celebrate our talents, interests, and successes.

We heard more “don’ts” as children than “do’s” so sharing what we know and being comfortable with it is a challenge for many.

[tweet_dis]YOU are valuable! You have knowledge! YOU have life experience that trumps the younger generations of today.[/tweet_dis]

You’ll be successful on the Internet if you honor your life experience, interests, and passions (I’ll write more about this later in future posts).

That said, I hope this and future posts give you the “juice” you need to reinvent YOU, separate yourself from the sea of websites and blogs, stand-out on your own, and attract those who are genuinely interested in what you have to say, share, and offer others at your age – as a “Graying Marketer”.

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