Top 7 Tips to Stay Healthy, Productive, and Sane While Working From Home

7 Tips to Stay Healthy, Productive, and Sane While Working From Home

Editor’s Note: We welcome Guest Blogger Hussain Omar

Working from home is the dream of any blogger or opportunity seeker these days, they look to its bright side.

Yes it is great to have a good income while staying at home and using your laptop and internet connection. Yet there are some challenges you should win to stay healthy, sane, and productive.

In this post I’m going to provide tips to be so.

Have Your To-Do List

The internet is the most distractive environment if you are not managing it the right way. You have to stay focused, planning only tasks that you can bear per day, and one task per time will help you to be so. You should Also write all these tasks down, and order them as per their priorities.

A mobile app can help you to do this task greatly, personally, I use AnyDo. It is really amazing tool. You can write the tasks, set notification, and the most important thing is that the task will not be dropped when the day is over, you will get notifications for it the next day.  It offers Premium subscription, however the free version is enough and very powerful.

 Have Your Own Corner At Home

Actually, working from home doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t feel that you are working. Otherwise laziness will kill you and your productivity, you should have simple working environment to help you get your work in a professional manner, this environment should be isolated from the other home rooms, it will help you stay concentrated as possible, this include a computer, desk, comfortable chair, desk pens holders, paper shelves and a small file cabinet for mid and long term files storing. The list could become longer as your business scale up of course, but these things are very important to start a serious work online.

You will also find some other  creative designs, they are great as they are fulfilling the same purpose.

Have a Regular Workout Routine

This is a must thing, other 9-5 jobs enable you to move a lot, and burn more calories, while staying at home will make these chances very low. So, you will gain weight, feel back, knee and neck pains due to the wrong postures that you might experience sitting long hours in front of your laptop. Muscle cramps are expected too due to the inactive routine. You shouldn’t bear these pains or spend grands on going to doctors. Instead, adopting your lifestyle to include a workout routine is something you must consider.

Going to the gym, 3-5 days a week would be great, doing some outdoor cardio like running or swimming will fine too.


If you have tight schedule and can’t spend these hours on the exercises, try some body weight workouts at home, or have a home cardio machine. But, never stay inactive, you will pay for this the end.

Work Only on Your Work Hours

Working online doesn’t mean that you should work 24hrs per day. You should consider your humanity abilities, you are not a machine. And if you have a family, it will be harder, as you must have hours to spend with them.

Yes, we could need to work more than eight hours per days when we are starting the online business, but that and exception and it shouldn’t be the rule to follow.

When your business start to stabilize then you shouldn’t work more than 8 hours per day.

If the workload is more than what you can bear in the eight hours, maybe it is the time to have a virtual assistant. You can find a lot of them in reputable platforms like UpWork, Freelancer, or PeoplePerHour.

Manage the Stress Very Well

You should accept that even achieving your dream and earning online, can’t be a stress-free. Stress is everywhere. You just need to manage it. There are many ideas to manage it.

Managing your time well is part of this stress management, but yet there are some times you should stop working and doing other things. Playing with your kids or gardening are good ideas. Playing with your bet if you have is an option too.

The point of doing these things is that thinking of completely different things other than the source of your stress will relief your brain.

Stay Motivated and Inspired

Trying to securing an online business is not a piece of cake. A lot of people lose their energy before hitting their goal, and quit. It is not a sprint, it is a marathon, and you should run to the end line, doing your best.

So, you need to stay motivated.

You should go and join some groups of like-minded guys, who are doing similar things like what you do. They support each other, inspire each other, and motivate each other publishing some success stories. PAC is one of these great groups. You can join it now here by the way.

Stay Social

I don’t mean to spend hours on social media here, it is a good thing, but I mean to mingle with your family and real community on the ground, having good relationships with online friends is something great, but shouldn’t trade-off the real friends. You don’t need to stay isolated from your real community.

You should maintain your relationships with a great balance. Go out with your friends, and attend other social events. Stay social as possible as extending your real social network via work is not an option.

Final Words

Working from your home, like any other work, has challenges, you just need to overcome them. But I’m sure that with these tips, you be more healthy, more productive and sane.

Now it is your turn, if you have more tips, share them in the comment box.




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