Tracking Your Affiliate Links

Tracking Your Affiliate Links means knowing your numbers.

No matter what you are promoting affiliate products or your own, you always want to track your links.

If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know what’s working and what doesn’t also you can’t optimize your business.

Tracking Your Affiliate Links

As I’m following a training called “Operation $100K” (which by the way is going to be probably over $2000 if not more when it’s done, but for now is included as a bonus with a membership account), I realized how fast you could lose money if not tracking. Not only that but you are wasting your time as well.

In the “Operation $100K” Vick (my mentor) is walking you through the whole process in over the shoulder video tutorial, recording everything, every move he makes, every click and the videos are raw and uncut, so you can see the psychology behind every move he makes and how he thinks.

In the traffic module, he was using a rotator, and of course, every link was tracked individually.

In one of his campaigns, he was using two sets of three different Landing Pages, competing with each other. So he found out that three of the Landing Pages was performing three times better than the other three.

At that point he simply removed the first three and kept the winners for his next promotion.

There are so many different tracker tools out there, some better than other, but then again you’ll get what you pay for.


One of my favorite tricks that he shared about tracking is the Master Rotator with a domain name inside the tracking system.

A little bit advanced stuff but a very cool way of tracking, knowing that you can control the links in the rotator. That means you can change/update all the links and keep the same Master Rotator link.

Tracking Your Affiliate Links – Is It Important?

Another reason for tracking is the link itself, especially if you are promoting affiliate products, and as we all know there are hundreds of affiliates, promoting the same product using the same link.

The problem with this is, some people will be using the raw link spamming on social media, and the link can get gray or even blacklisted.

That means when you use the link in your promotions your ad will get blocked. But when you are using your unique link, that nobody else is promoting, there is no way your link will get blacklisted.

Assuming you are not a spammer, and you know how to promote and advertise your products and services 🙂

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