Four Guaranteed Ways to Increase Your New Site Traffic

Editor’s note: PAC welcomes Guest Author Hussain Omar

Once your website is up, the next think you will think about is traffic, right?

Of course, you won’t think of ” organic” traffic in the first couple of months as most of the new sites will be caught in Google sandbox for a while before they get some authority to attract search engines.

So, what are the other options you are left with?

You can go for the social route, but that will assume you already have some fans, and are connected with some influencers. Which is usually not the case when you are just starting out, at least in the first website scenario.

Yet, you can give your website traffic a boost using some powerful techniques that can introduce you and your site to new audiences. That’s what this post is all about, so read on to know these guaranteed techniques:

 Blog Commenting:

Yes, for traffic, blog commenting works like a charm! With blog commenting you can introduce yourself to more bloggers and their followers.

Yet, it largely depends on the quality of the comments you are going to leave. With these comments, you should provide value, only in that way your comment could attract people to click and visit your site. It opens the doors wide for the relationship building that can impact your business positively.

You can find relevant blogs that you can follow on a regular basis, and leave comments very often.

Remember, it’s not about how many comments you will leave and the no follow links you will gain. The purpose of this method is not to get instant visits, it’s building the relationship which matters the most.  As these bloggers you connect with will come and comment on your blog and share you posts to their followers on Social Media platforms too. They could also follow your blog and come whenever you  publish new posts.

Guest posting:

It’s an opportunity given to you by a blogger to talk to his/her audience. To  find those bloggers, you should look for sites in your niche which have a good fan base and good metrics.

But the only real important thing is relevancy.

Let’s say you are promoting a local business, and looking for guest post opportunities, then local websites of 10-20 DA (Domain Authority) or so, that have blogs will be just great.

Here are some additional things you should focus on when you pick the site that will host your post:

The site should have an engaging community

You can see this on the site itself, with comments and shares signals those people who comment on your site will tend to build relationships with others online. It’s a great opportunity for you to build great community.

Respond to every comment on your guest post, it adds to your chances to build relations with them.

Your host should have active accounts on social media

Your main purpose is to get introduced to new audiences. Social media is great too. So, if you have picked the domains with acceptable metrics carefully, your next step is to ensure that you will get social media attention too. Your host will post the article in the social networks to get some social traffic.

But, will you wait for those who will click on your links in the guest post? You shouldn’t!

Go to those social media platforms and see those who will engage with the post there, and join the party.

Don’t compromise the quality

Remember, the quality of the post you will submit to them should be super great, otherwise it will be a big loss of time, even if it is accepted, as your main goal is to attract their audience and to convert some of them to be regular visitors to your site, and that will not happen if you didn’t add value.


This technique has been used since a long time ago, even before the age of digital marketing, TV shows like Oprah Winfrey, is a big examples. You will interview those famous niche players, and they will share the interview link with their friends and fans, most of them will come to your website to read it.

All you need to do is research the person you will interview and come up with relevant question to his experience.

Awesome technique, isn’t it.

However, most of the interviews are conducted via email, some could prefer to conduct live interviews to save time and get the most out of interviewee experience.

Whether you conduct it on Skype or by E-mail, here are some tips for mastering the interview technique:

Get their acceptance first

Before you spend your valuable time to design your questions, shoot them an email first, to check if they are interested in being interviewed in your blog, and have time to answer your questions.

Do good research on your interviewee

If you weren’t following the interviewee for a while, do enough research on their website, social media profiles, or groups he/she own. It would be awesome if you could read their latest book or any publications they have. This will help you to introduce your interviewee in some sentences at the beginning and also to help design your great questions.

Give your interviewee an idea about your audience:

This helps you to provide a great reading experience to your readers. As you are just starting, most of them didn’t ever know about your blog, spend some minutes giving them an idea on your targeted audience.

Ask unique questions

Your questions should be unique. You shouldn’t copy questions of other bloggers, and just send them to your interviewee, it doesn’t reflect any professionalism. Design your own questions and put yourself in the place of your reader. What does he want to know about the interviewee? After the research you’ve done on him, I’m sure you will come up with dozens of question, just pick the important ones.

Give their empire a mention

Yes, they are famous enough, but yet they love to get their website mentioned. Believe me, it means a lot to them, it creates a backlink, brand exposure and much more. So, never ever forget it.

Roundup Posts:

Believe it, roundup posts are the best ever for traffic exposure. It requires a lot of work and time, but the results are outstanding.

In this method you will invite experts in your niche to answer questions you previously prepared and publish their answers and views on that topic on your blog, and featuring their high authority sites and social profiles.

Imagine that you have picked a topic that attract a lot of readers in your niche and got contributions from reputable experts in the niche. How many visits you will get if you post such a post on social media networks?

Given the fact that all these experts will be there with you promoting it! That will be a big party that you will never forget!

If you want a live example, here is a roundup post on SEO quotes:

Top 60 SEO Quotes

The post got 525 shares in the first day and 1250+ shares till now, which is due to the influencers’ engagement, simply they are experts in the field got invited to participate and they felt happy enough to share it on their social accounts.

Here are some tips to get the most of your roundup posts:

Carefully pick an interesting topic

Picking the right topic plays a huge role in your roundup success, for these experts it is not all about getting an easy backlink, they have their sense, and they will be less likely to participate if they feel that your roundup is going to be a boring page. They want to be part of another cool work that adds value to the readers.

Ask the right experts

Searching for experts to get them involved in your roundup post is the biggest task in this technique, not every expert is interested to participate in roundup posts. So, you have to find these interested guys. You can search your niche roundups to find experts who already participated in previous roundups. Those who have active social media accounts also mostly tend to participate in roundup posts. Another option is to go to the sites of reputable experts and invite them to participate.

Only invite those who are in your niche or in related niches.

Ask the right questions

As they are experts in their niche, they are super busy, so don’t send them a lot of questions, or ask for high minimum word count, send one question or two maximum, relevant to their experience, that would help you in getting high conversion rate and qualitative responses as well.

Give them enough time to respond

Be reminded that it’s not the only task on their “plate”, these people have a lot of work to do. You should have that in mind and specify a deadline of 7-10 days to send their contributions, before you start sending them your soft reminder.

Just be aware that some people check the site that they will contribute on and might not be motivated enough to participate. But your outreach email can play a great role here, as it can show your professionalism.

Once you go the roundup posts way, you will love it!

Final words

You should always remember that there is no shortcuts to success, and all these techniques require hard work to bear fruit. So be ready to dedicate quality time to these tasks and the needed efforts.

Now we came to an end to this post that was all about how to get traffic to your new website. It is the time to hear from you, about your experience with these techniques, how did they work for you, also if you have any other way, never hesitate, just share it in the comments.

Hussain Omar


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