We Have Tsu Groups!

Great news for Tsu Fans! Tsu has now implemented Tsu groups to the Tsu Social Payment Platform.

Tsu members have long coveted the addition of groups and communities to the system and now they have a arrived.

A 30 day Beta Testing period started Friday 14th of August with release of a handful of groups with the main communities being HowToTsu and TsuCharities, both Official Tsu Groups.

So how do Tsu Groups impact on the monetization of member content?

Well firstly it is good to note that all groups have a associated Tsu Charity that is assigned to the group and for the 1st Month of a communities existence all royalties go to that charity…. after month 1 the social rewards are broken down as follows

Monetization of Public Groups

Public Groups will be monetized as follows:

25% = Owner

25% = Split Amongst all Non-Owner Admins

35% = Content-Creating Members

10% = tsu

5% = Designated Charity

Only Public groups are monetized

There are 3 Types of Tsu Groups – PrivateSecret and Public

● Private and Secret Groups are invite only.

● Private Groups are searchable and Secret Groups are not.

● Posts in Public Groups may be shared outside of the Group; posts in Private and Secret cannot

be shared outside of Groups.

How to navigate to Groups within the platform

Here is how to locate Tsu Groups via Desktop or Laptop

tsu groups navigation

  1. Navigate to your Avatar on your profile
  2. Pull down to settings
  3. Click on Tsu Groups Beta on the left of the screen

For navigation via the Android and IOS app just click the groups button as highlighted below

tsu android app groups screen

Hope this helps, enjoy the Tsu Groups 😉

Regards Dexter

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