What Does Success Mean To You And How Do You Define It?

How Do You Define Success? 

You and only you get to define what success is to you….what you want to accomplish, how you want to grow, what you want to learn, and where you want to shine and the more specific you are the better.  So, to FULLY embrace YOUR success, you MUST ALWAYS do the following:


Believe in yourself

Dream big

Reach for the moon.

Unleash your passion

Be unstoppable




 If you want more success in your life, start with shining the spotlight on YOURSELF by remembering the following:

#1. Know that you deserve it

  • When you obtain the knowing that you deserve success, and you visualize and affirm it with all your actions, you begin to truly know that you do, in fact, deserve what you desire.
  • Your unfettered desire is key to your ongoing accomplishment.

#2. Be certain in your value

  • Know that you have massive value to bring.
  • Keep track in writing or with video all the great results you have gotten for clients.
  • In a moment of doubt, review those results to remind yourself of what you know, momentarily forgot.
  • When you know you have massive value to bring, you behave that way, serve others better and become more successful.

#3. Use your voice more

  • You might be the very best at what you do, but if no one knows that, then it will not matter.
  • It is up to you to spread the word about the value you bring.
  • You have to share in conversations, online and in your marketing copy all the ways you can serve others.
  • You must be your own best PR team.
  • Be LOUD and PROUD about the value you bring.

#4. Be more positive

  • To be more successful, be more positive.
  • No one wants to do business with a complaining, downer person.
  • The more positive you are, the more your calls will be returned and people will be excited to connect with you and the more vitality you will have.

#5. Self-care is required

  • If you are out sick, tired, or going to the doctor all the time, your business is impacted.
  • Get a great night sleep, drink plenty of water, move your body and practice gratitude.
  • Self-care is you affirming that you do deserve success and want more vitality to serve more.

#6. Make time for absolutely nothing

  • With our busy lives, it is essential to slow down, stop and listen to our hearts, hear our intuition and notice how people, decisions, and situations make us feel.
  • The more we are connected to our inner voice of guidance the more we will know what is true for us.

Remember that true, meaningful success comes from within you.

It is an experience you create for yourself in your business and your life.

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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington




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