What Is The Purpose Of Your Blog Post?

When you come up with a topic for your blog, do you stop to consider what is the purpose of your blog post?

The idea may be good, and the topic interesting, but what do you hope to achieve by it? What is your post’s objective? Let’s look at some questions to ask before we start researching, put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, or mouth to microphone.

If you are selling products and services your ultimate purpose will be to attract readers to what you have to offer them.  If all you do is promote them, you will put people off rather than attract.

“If your only goal is to become rich, you will never achieve it.” John D Rockerfeller

To attract readers the next most important goal is to reach those who will be the most interested in buying what we have to sell.

Our next most important purpose is to develop readers’ trust in us, so they also trust what we sell.

Any post you write needs to relate to these main objectives. If you set yourself a blogging schedule of, say two posts a week, then it’s tempting to churn them out without thinking of their purpose.

List of Blog Post Purposes

Here is a list of ideas of what purposes blog posts can satisfy, as a means to meet your main goal of selling.

  1. To teach something relevant to your niche audience, in ways readers will understand.
  2. To create something original and on topic. (usually by adapting existing web content to your own style.)
  3. To answer questions posed by readers, directly or on sites like Quora.
  4. To offer tips for improvement, to create a better lifestyle.
  5. To create brand awareness.
  6. To amuse, or entertain, at the same time as sticking to your topic.
  7. To let readers get to know you better.
  8. To give something away, to bring back people looking for more freebies, or to lead to your paid offerings.
  9. To encourage and motivate.
  10. To increase sharing and your social media following.
  11. To attract blog comments.
  12. To attract search engine traffic using the best keywords. For more information check out our PAC post “Keywords For SEO“.
  13. To create curiosity to draw readers back or to set the scene for what’s to come.
  14. To convince of the need for something you sell.
  15. To attract particular bloggers to your site.
  16. To create a relationship of authority, trust and friendliness with your audience.
  17. To fulfil your readers’ own purposes.
  18. To talk around a topic that allows a call to action to your paying products.
  19. To persuade to buy – probably the hardest post type of all. “How To Be Persuasive In Your Writing” by Joan Harrington here on PAC can help you with this.

Of course a post will normally contain a mix of these. Each time you think of writing a blog post ask yourself why you are writing it and which purpose, or purposes, it will fulfil.

Yoast also has an article on the topic: “Writing for your blog: the text objective of your blogpost

What if you find that your idea doesn’t meet your purposes? Ask yourself if there’s a way to adapt it. If not, you could write it as a guest post for another blog.

Do you stop to consider what purpose you want each blog post to achieve, before you start writing it? Can you add any more purposes to the list above? Please add your questions or answers below.

I hope this post helps you when you next think of a blog post topic. You can find more blogging tips on my blog sueblimely.com




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